Case Studies

Addenbrookes Summary Image
14th Mar 2019

Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals

"DDC Dolphin has supplied and installed a number of bedpan washer and macerator solutions to Addenbrooke’s since 2007 and also provides a responsive and reliable maintenance and repair service. It is of the utmost importance to the smooth running of the machinery onsite that the units are regularly serviced and tested to ensure performance remains high. DDC Dolphin is contracted to carry out this work and continues to provide a first-class service".

Richard Borthwick, Mechanical Delivery Manager, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Ashlands Manor Summary Image
14th Mar 2019

Ashlands Manor Care Home

“I spent a lot of time selecting the correct supplier for our care facilities. A crucial factor is the relationship between us and our supplier, and we are confident that DDC Dolphin can supply quality, reliable products and services. The service level we have received from them has been outstanding on both projects; not just from a buying point of view, but also the aftercare and maintenance of the equipment. We have been very impressed with all aspects of our dealings with DDC Dolphin and long-term, on all future projects, DDC Dolphin will be our preferred supplier.”

Kay Johnson, Commissioning Manager, New Care Projects

Dorset County House
13th Mar 2019

Dorset County Hospital

”With the completion of our replacement regime of 26 Pulpmatic Ultimas and a 3 year maintenance contract in place we are confident that DDC Dolphin will continue to provide us with a premier service. Staff training and fast response times on all maintenance issues are key to reducing downtime which is essential in a busy hospital like this.”

Sean Miller, Estates Manager, Dorset County Hospital

Avary Healthcare Summary Image
13th Mar 2019

Avery Healthcare

Avery Heathcare Case Study"We very much see DDC Dolphin as an established supplier and business partner. Over the years we have fostered a great working relationship, and remain assured that their service and maintenance division is fast to react and only a phone call away from any of our sites."

Derek Goodman, Construction Manager, Avery Healthcare

The London Clinic Summary Image
12th Mar 2019

The London Clinic

"We are delighted to be working with DDC Dolphin for the complete package of machine acquisitions, installation and training. DDC Dolphin's understanding of the importance of fighting the transmission of HCAIs, together with their completely hands-free, high-quality range of macerators, helped to make our decision much easier. The programme of hassle-free installation and comprehensive staff training was an added bonus!"

Tony Lobo, Project Manager, The London Clinic

Barchester - Archview Lodge Summary Image
12th Mar 2019

Barchester Healthcare

Barchester Healthcare Case Study"Barchester has always tried to ensure that it builds solid, long-term relationships with its service partners that match the high standards of care and support that it then delivers for its residents. In DDC Dolphin, Barchester has a quality service partner that works across all of our 200 plus sites, and a system in place that reviews ongoing performance to ensure that standards remain high. The relationship is strong and I'm sure it will continue long into the future".

Bill Wilson, Director of Property Services, Barchester Healthcare


Royal National Orthopedic Summary Image
11th Mar 2019

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

“DDC Dolphin were able to offer us a complete solution which meant that as Project Manager I had a single point of contact throughout the whole process, which made it much easier for me to manage. Together we were able to coordinate the project effectively and within the time constraints, saving time and money.”

Prentice Lloyd, Project Manager, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Care_UK Summary Image
11th Mar 2019

Care UK

Care UK Case Study“We have been really impressed with the service and professionalism shown by DDC Dolphin in all aspects of this project. Having visited their site offices and factory, we were impressed by the culture of the business and their complete dedication to the supply of sluice rooms to the care industry. Their ability to give comprehensive support and advice on planning throughout the project convinced us that we have definitely selected the right people for the job, and we look forward a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them.”

Steve Appleton, Head of Projects, Care UK

Salisbury District Summary Image
10th Mar 2019

Salisbury District Hospital

Salisbury District Hospital Case Study“Our relationship with DDC Dolphin goes from strength to strength. We were glad to support DDC Dolphin with the commissioning and testing of the Pulpmatic Eco and we were all delighted with the outcome. We already have a number of their Pulpmatic macerators in the hospital which are supported and maintained by DDC Dolphin and will be adding the new model to our inventory.”

Geoff Walford, Estates Manager, FES Facilities Management

Quantum Fairmile Summary Image
10th Mar 2019

Fairmile Grange

Fairmile Grange Case Study”DDC Dolphin were extremely supportive throughout this demanding project and have worked within our very tight timescales. Throughout the process they provided clear communication and thorough planning. The equipment was delivered and installed in a timely manner and as a result of this successful delivery, we already have plans in place to use DDC Dolphin on our future projects.”

Andy Burton, MRICS, Chief Operating Office Construction, Quantum Group

Great Oaks Summary Image
9th Mar 2019

Great Oaks Care Home

“We were very pleased with the professional, efficient service provided by DDC Dolphin on this project. They provided options and advice regarding specification requirements at an early stage and assisted the decision-making process with regard to selection of the equipment, which best suited the care home’s operational strategies. Communication with the site team was very good and our required timescales for delivery and installation of the equipment were achieved.”

Simon Howell, Project Surveyor, Quantum Group

Southend University Summary Image
7th Mar 2019

Southend University Hospital

"DDC Dolphin's HTM testing, maintenance and service programme is second to none. All the hassle is taken out of the process by their quick, compliant response times, competent and professional engineers, and comprehensive spares stock held in their vans. DDC Dolphin also keep us completely up to date by preparing detailed reports on each machine's usage and condition. We look forward to working with DDC Dolphin for many years to come".

Steve Taylor, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Southend University Hospital

Harkel Building Summary Image
5th Mar 2019

Harkel Building Services

Harkel Building Services Case Study“We have been really impressed with the service and professionalism shown by DDC Dolphin in all aspects of this project. Their ability to give comprehensive support and advice is the level of service we require to be able to deliver these projects on time and at a good standard. We look forward to future projects and a mutually beneficial relationship with them.”

Phil Gibson, Engineer, Harkel Building Services

Mentor Gracewell Summary Image
2nd Mar 2019

Metnor Construction

Metnor Construction Case Study“The service provided by DDC Dolphin was exemplary; the idea of the on-site template, making it impossible to get the services and builders work wrong, was a simple but innovative idea”.

Lee Kirk BSc (Hons), Senior Contracts Manager, Metnor Construction

Vida Grange Summary Image
1st Mar 2019

Vida Grange Care Home

Vida Grange Care Home Case Study“Following a successful partnership with DDC Dolphin in the provision of our sluice equipment at Vida Hall, Vida Healthcare Limited were pleased to appoint DDC as the preferred company to provide this equipment at our new facility in Pannal. This decision was based on the quality, reliability and ease of use of the equipment at Vida Hall, plus the excellent aftersales service that we have always experienced from DDC Dolphin.”

Jillian Young, Operations Director, Vida Healthcare

Eagle Ridge Hospital Summary Image
28th Feb 2019

Eagle Ridge Hospital, Canada

“DDC Dolphin had a very good approach to accommodate our needs and were able to provide us with macerators configured to prevent the majority of the failures we had been experiencing with blockages and floods. They also offered additional features to help avoid operator errors. After installing the trial units, both the users and the maintenance staff have been very pleased with their smooth operation which has been failure-free and with no impact on either operational or maintenance staff.

We have used DDC Dolphin Uno and DDC Dolphin Ultima models. Their technology is very efficient and user-friendly and we are highly recommending both models.”

Stefan Manea, Technical Coordinator, Fraser Health Authority, Canada

Farrer Park Hospital Summary Image
27th Feb 2019

Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore

“We were initially considering the traditional bedpan sanitizers but after much consideration in regard to the cost and benefits it could bring us, we decided to go for DDC Dolphin macerators. We have made the right choice. The machine is very easy to use, hands-free and with no blockages! We are very happy and glad to have NEU Industries providing their excellent service to us. I would highly recommend using DDC Dolphin macerators and pulp items supplied by NEU Industries for any dirty utility room”.

Badli Shah, Senior Nurse Manager, Farrer Park Hospital

St johns Summary Image
26th Feb 2019

St John's Care Facility, Canada

“From an Infection Prevention & Control perspective, I have experienced the use of DDC Dolphin macerators in our long-term care facilities. The system is very simple to use and provides a clean, green resource for disposal of human waste utensils. The macerators help to prevent any cross-contamination during outbreaks and staff really like the fact that they do not have to perform any pre-cleaning that could expose them to organisms such as C. difficile.

Staff find it very beneficial that this system is completely handsfree, decreasing the risk for transmission of microorganisms. We had a Norovirus outbreak on this unit recently and compared to last year with no macerator available on this unit, the population affected was much lower.”

Ann Marie Penney, Infection Control Practitioner, Eastern Health, Canada

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