And The Winner is....

Thank you to all of you who registered your interest to win a new UVMATIC® air purification system.

We are pleased to announce that the winners have been drawn and they are Shannon Court Care Home in Surrey and Marnel Lodge Care Home in Basingstoke.  Both were delighted when we informed them of their win.

As soon as it is safe to do so, we will be there, ready and waiting to install their new UVMATIC® air purification system into each home.  

Proven to destroy influenza, E.coli, Coronavirus, salmonella and similar bacteria as well as removing unpleasant smells, the UVMATIC® works continuously 24 hours a day, without any need for input from staff. 

With infection control high on everyone’s agenda, the UVMATIC® will be a valued addition to the home’s current infection control / cleaning process.

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