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DDC Dolphin Offers To Check Competitor's Macerators Hit By Alert

WRAS Approved LogoEngineers at DDC Dolphin are offering to help hospitals and care facilities after a rival manufacturer’s waste macerators became the subject of an alert.

Dozens of hospitals and care facilities across the country face a higher risk of infections after a competitor’s machines failed to meet a UK Water Supply safety requirement.

The issue with the rival machine relates to a polythene silencer tube – leading to possible contamination of the mains water supply by the tank contents.

The problem affects two types of macerator supplied by the competitor. Its machines’ Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval listing expired in September 2018.

All machines manufactured by DDC Dolphin meet the required WRAS standards. And as the company supplies and supports many of the affected hospitals and care facilities, its engineers are offering to remove the tube on the rival machines and fix the problem at those sites.

A DDC Dolphin spokesman said: “All our machines are working perfectly and have passed all their safety checks.

“But we are aware that patients and clinicians may be at risk because of the machines supplied by another manufacturer.

“Our engineers will already be working in those hospitals and care facilities that have service agreements with us so we are happy to help.

“We can check the other manufacturer’s machines and replace the tube identified in the alert if requested.

“The safety of patients, clinicians and other healthcare professionals is paramount. Our mission has always been to reduce the risk of infection.”

Poole-based DDC Dolphin has been manufacturing, installing and maintaining infection control equipment for the healthcare sector since 1991.

Its sluice/dirty utility room solutions help hospitals and care facilities to safeguard patients and clinicians from the threat posed by Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) including superbugs.

The company recently launched three new levels of 360° Care Cover for its equipment, enabling operators to manage maintenance and balance budgets more effectively.

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