Educating Ourselves on COVID-19

With the evolution of the coronavirus, each one becoming increasingly more deadly, it has never been more important for us to look at and understand how diseases spread and what we can do to help prevent future outbreaks.

Here at DDC Dolphin we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest in infection control and we’re lucky enough to have a team that are always looking to educate themselves and others further.  One member of our team has just finished a 3 week course run by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on COVID-19.  Presented by international experts, the course covers how the virus emerged and was identified, what public health measures are being taken worldwide and what is needed to address COVID-19 going forward. 

Infection control has always been an integral part of our thought process and we are delighted to see the advancement of our employees and to be able to draw from such a rich pool of knowledge.

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