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MicrobeSafe+ Antimicrobial Surfaces

DDC Dolphin Bedpan Washers and Medical Pulp Macerators have MicrobeSafe+ antimicrobial surfaces as standard.

Addressing the prominent issue of growing E. coli infection rates – the UK saw a 5% rise in reported cases between 2016 and 2017[1] – the MicrobeSafe+ surface is now tried and tested against E. coli bacteria, damaging or destroying the microbes on contact.

In addition to proven defence against an increased number of pathogens, the latest antimicrobial surface now contains a fungicide to combat mould, as well as eight years of unwavering antimicrobial performance – compared to five years on the previous incarnation.


How does MicrobeSafe+ work?

MicrobeSafe+ is a silver (Ag) based antimicrobial additive, mixed with a powerful antifungal accompaniment.

When a microbe lands on a surface which is impregnated with MicrobeSafe+, the microbe is destroyed or damaged, rendering it unable to reproduce. Its use can therefore reduce the spread of HCAIs by eliminating cross-contamination routes. This is particularly effective in the sluice room environment, where both clean and dirty items are handled.

The antifungal additive in MicrobeSafe+ also allows surfaces to restrict the build-up of biofilms, as well as unsightly mould growth.

The result? Reliable inhibition and elimination of the number of bacteria within the medical environment, allowing you to ensure more effective protection against the spread of infection.

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[1] Laboratory surveillance of E. coli bacteraemia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 2017 Health Protection Report Volume 12 Number 22


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