In any hospital, infection control precautions are essential to keep patients and clinicians safe from HCAIs.


Your nurses know the importance of infection control and follow your procedures to the letter. However, these labour-intensive practices are often at the expense of time spent at the bedside of patients.


With the right tools, time management can be made easier – without compromising your high standards. This guide will help you to choose new, invaluable infection control solutions which give time back to care.

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DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Ultima Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator Lid Open
DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Ultima Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator Loading With Pulp Bedpan

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DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Eco+ Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator User Interface

Pulpmatic Eco+

The most envioronmentally friendly, hygienic and
economical pulp macerator on the market.

UVMATIC Air Purification System


A completely autonomous air purification solution.

Antimicrobial Coating System2

Hygenex® Recoat® Antimicrobial Coating System

Supporting your cleaning regime by eliminating bacteria and viruses for up to six months.

Hygenex Wet & Dry Wipes

Hygenex® Maceratable & Flushable Wipes

Made from 100% natural, fully compostable materials.


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