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DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Ultima Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator Lid Open
23rd Oct 2022

Protecting Your Facility with Improved Sluice Room Asset Management

Vacumatic hot plate
23rd Aug 2022

What Are My Healthcare Waste Disposal Options?

Disinfectant Wipes header image
8th Aug 2022

Which Disinfectant Wipes Do Hospitals Use?

20th Jun 2022

Maintaining the Effectiveness of a UVMATIC UV Air Purifier

2 Packets of Hygenex Wet Wipes
31st May 2022

Save Money, Time and The Planet With Hygenex Eco-Friendly Wipes

Hospital exterior
26th May 2022

WHO Declare Infection Control a "Best Buy" For Public Health

12th Apr 2022

What Are Microplastics?

DDC Dolphin working with Hospitals
17th Mar 2022

Macerators For Hospitals: 5 Unexpected Benefits

Old man holding a ball
17th Feb 2022

Managing Your Care Home's Infection Control Budget

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Eco+ Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator User Interface
18th Jan 2022

Pulp Maceration For Healthcare: The DDC Dolphin Difference

3 Packets of Hygenex Dry Wipes
26th Nov 2021

Fine to Flush: Which Wet Wipes Contain No Microplastics?

Vacumatic hotplate 3
29th Oct 2021

Why Is It Important To Dispose Of Medical Waste Properly?

DDC Dolphin working with Nurses
16th Sep 2021

What Are The Standard Infection Control Precautions?

DDC Dolphin working with Carers
24th Aug 2021

What Is Infection Control In Care Homes?

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Eco+ Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator Lid Closed
27th Jul 2021

NHS Sustainability and the Sluice Room

DDC Dolphin Working With Hospital Trusts
28th Jun 2021

3 Barriers To Hospital Infection Control (And How To Break Them)

DDC Dolphin working with Care Home Staff2
25th May 2021

Avoid An Inadequate CQC Rating With Sluice Room Best Practice

DDC Dolphin working with Hospital Nursing Staff
11th May 2021

Choosing Infection Control Solutions Which Give Time Back To Care

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