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7th Jan 2020

Biodegradable & Compostable Wipes: It's Vital to Know the Difference

Nurse with patient
3rd Dec 2019

The Most Common Healthcare Associated Infections And How To Prevent Them

2nd Dec 2019

The Role of Airborne Bacteria in NHS Infection Control

Hospital workers
1st Dec 2019

Economic Infection Control Solutions for Hospitals

Care Home
29th Nov 2019

Tips For Controlling Both Odour and Infection In Care Homes

Question Marks
22nd Nov 2019

What Is A Healthcare Associated Infection?

DDC Dolphin Hygenex Consumables
30th Oct 2019

Prevent Infection and Save Money With Improved Management Of Sluice Room Consumables

Nursing holding man's arm
23rd Oct 2019

Reduce The Cost Of Running Your Care Home With Reliable Sluice Room Consumables

10th Oct 2019

Upgrading Your Sluice Room Equipment

Sluice Room 7
23rd Sep 2019

10 Ways That Sluice Room Servicing Will Support Your Infection Control Procedures

Sluice Room
18th Sep 2019

How Can Sluice Room Servicing Prevent Outbreaks of Infection in Care Homes?

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Ultima5
21st May 2019

Yellow Bags vs Maceration

Service and Maintain
23rd Apr 2019

Trust DDC Dolphin to Service, Maintain and Repair all makes of Pulp Macerators and Washer Disinfectors

What is thermal disinfection 2
12th Mar 2019

What Is Thermal Disinfection And Why Is It Relevant To Bedpan Washers?

DDC Dolphin Panamatic Midi3
19th Feb 2019

How Many Cycles Does A Bedpan Washer Disinfector Have And What Do They Do?

DDC-Dolphin 110118-123
5th Feb 2019

Buying A New Pulp Macerator - Check Out Our Maintenance FAQs

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Ultima4
29th Jan 2019

5 Things To Consider When Installing A Medical Pulp Macerator

22nd Jan 2019

How To Avoid the Most Common Bedpan Washer Faults

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