The fight against bacterial hazards in hospitals is unrelenting. Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs) are a constant threat to the wellbeing of your patients – but with good infection control precautions, the risk of outbreaks can be mitigated.

One of the most prevalent carriers of pathogens in your hospital is human waste.

As a vector for many dangerous HCAIs such as C. diff, careful management of waste is an absolute priority – which is where sluice room technology comes to the fore.

Sluice room machinery, such as bedpan washers and pulp macerators, will allow you to safely dispose of waste and prevent the spread of bacteria. In busy hospital settings, this will help to prevent the widespread outbreak of infection across numerous wards, and potentially hundreds of patients – as well as avoiding distress, prolonged inpatient stays, additional demands on staff and pressure on operational budgets.

Try DDC Dolphin’s advanced infection control equipment for free in your hospital wards.


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DDC Dolphin working with Hospitals Staff

By using machines that are quick, efficient and easy to use, your busy clinicians can make better use of their valuable time; auxiliary tasks will be completed with speed and certainty, allowing staff to be where they’re most needed – at the side of patients.

Far more effective than washing bedpans by hand, continuously advancing sluice room technology will keep everyone in your facility safer than ever. Whether you’ve investing in a new facility or upgrading an existing site, DDC Dolphin can assist with every stage of the design, build and procurement process, ensuring that you benefit from optimised space, innovation and architecture, centred around your specific needs.

We have been chosen as NHS preferred supplier for both the supply and servicing of medical pulp macerators, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re working with an experienced and trusted partner.

Our full service and maintenance packages will maximise the uptime and maintenance of your machines, ensuring that you get lifetime value; not just for DDC Dolphin models, but other makes that you’re already using.

We can even train your staff to use your sluice room machinery, so you can be confident that infection control procedures are adhered to – and even improved.

Don’t let the health of your patients, or productivity of your clinicians, suffer due to preventable infection. Consider your options for sluice room technology and keep hospital settings sanitary for everybody.