Sectors: Infection Prevention For Hospitals, Care Homes

No matter which healthcare sector you’re working in, infection control is a pressing concern.

For both hospitals and care homes, preventing healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs) is integral to securing patient and staff safety, managing resources and predicting running costs.

If an HCAI breaks out in your facility, there is an immediate risk to patient wellbeing – but there are also other, hidden detriments. Your staff will be hit with additional burden in an already time-poor environment, while the cost to resolve the issue pulls on tight operational budgets.

In the worse-case scenario, lives can be lost, reputations tarnished, and facilities closed.

You can protect yourself from the perils of HCAIs by investing in a stringent infection control procedure, which centres around diligent sluice room management. With human waste serving as a primary vector for bacteria, its safe disposal should be an absolute priority – in turn, you can prevent devastating infections such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.

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