Case Studies

INER Mexico
5th Apr 2024

National Institute of Respiratory Diseases - Mexico

"We believe attention to infection control measures will now take far more prevalence in all health environments, and we will be there, ready to help, advise and show from success stories such as this one how quality equipment and good working practices are imperative to keep infection under control." 

Aldo Novelo  - Director  - Novas Soluciones Sustentables     

Juntendo University Case Study
18th Feb 2024

Juntendo University Nerima Hospital - Japan

"Apart from the operational benefits, switching to  medical pulp macerators greatly improved the sluice room environment and the cooperation between the Infection Control Team and  ward staff. We were very impressed with the overall benefits of using this system and the future for us will certainly be using macerators and single use pulp wherever possible"  

Mr Tomohiko Iizuka- ICN  -  Juntendo University Nerima Hospital   

affinity Trust
24th Nov 2023

Affinity Care Management- Kings Lodge Centre

"All dealings with DDC Dolphin since our first contact have been extremely professional and informative. My days are extremely busy through work commitments and I deal with many companies and people over the course of my day. I can offer no higher accolade than to say our account manager was a delight to deal with, very knowledgable, reliable and punctual and DDC Dolphin are a great company to deal with, and they provide a excellent service".

John White, Facilities Coordinator, Affinity Care Management

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich London
31st Oct 2023

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Case Study

“The support I got from Senior Account Manager Dez McCullagh was exceptional. He was extremely helpful and ensured this was a quick turnover from start to finish.

"The impact has been extremely positive – freeing up time for me so I can turn my attention to other areas of improvement. I would definitely recommend DDC Dolphin to other companies. We look forward to working together on other exciting projects in the future."

Siân Faulkner – Assistant Manager – VINCI Facilities

Hospital JJ Aquirre
23rd Jun 2023

Hospital J.J. Aquirre - Chile

"Gemco recognise the heroic work of all the health personnel of the J.J. Aguirre, including nurses and doctors, that have been working tirelessly over the past weeks and we were pleased to be able to  help them  in their fight against infection.   Chile has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and it is thanks to such efforts that the fight against COVID-19 will be won."

Patricio Andueza – Commercial Director – Gemco General Machinery S.A.

Farrer Park Hospital Summary Image
27th Feb 2023

Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore

“We were initially considering the traditional bedpan sanitizers but after much consideration in regard to the cost and benefits it could bring us, we decided to go for DDC Dolphin macerators. We have made the right choice. The machine is very easy to use, hands-free and with no blockages! We are very happy and glad to have NEU Industries providing their excellent service to us. I would highly recommend using DDC Dolphin macerators and pulp items supplied by NEU Industries for any dirty utility room.”

Badli Shah, Senior Nurse Manager, Farrer Park Hospital

Oaklands Care
30th Jan 2023

Oakland Care Case Study

We have been delighted with the Vacumatic solution. It not only supports our sustainable working practices, it has reduced the odour in the home, reduced the trips to the outside bins for the team members and made a significant cost saving on our clinical waste disposal.

Malcolm Hague, Operations Director, Oakland Care

Sanctuary Care Image
30th Nov 2022

Sanctuary Care

Over the last 12 months, we have much improved sluice rooms, laundry rooms and med rooms. Our Care Homes are very happy with the results. We are all pleased that we chose DDC Dolphin as our partner.

Karmelle Smith – Property Manager, Care SE – Sanctuary Care

Eagle Ridge Hospital Summary Image
28th Nov 2022

Eagle Ridge Hospital, Canada

“DDC Dolphin had a very good approach to accommodate our needs and were able to provide us with macerators configured to prevent the majority of the failures we had been experiencing with blockages and floods. They also offered additional features to help avoid operator errors. After installing the trial units, both the users and the maintenance staff have been very pleased with their smooth operation which has been failure-free and with no impact on either operational or maintenance staff.”

Stefan Manea, Technical Coordinator, Fraser Health Authority, Canada

Minster Care
4th Apr 2022

Minster Care

Minster Care Group is a leading care home provider, established with the goal of reshaping the care home experience of older people in the UK. With a rapidly ageing population, they understand the urgent need for care homes with a heart. They offer a comfortable and homely environment where service users can enjoy a good quality of life and be supported. They focus on holistic care methods to maximise their resident’s potential – physically, emotionally and spiritually

St johns Summary Image
26th Aug 2021

St John's Care Facility, Canada

“From an Infection Prevention & Control perspective, I have experienced the use of DDC Dolphin macerators in our long-term care facilities. The system is very simple to use and provides a clean, green resource for disposal of human waste utensils. The macerators help to prevent any cross-contamination during outbreaks and staff really like the fact that they do not have to perform any pre-cleaning that could expose them to organisms such as C. difficile.

Staff find it very beneficial that this system is completely handsfree, decreasing the risk for transmission of microorganisms. We had a Norovirus outbreak on this unit recently and compared to last year with no macerator available on this unit, the population affected was much lower.”

Ann Marie Penney, Infection Control Practitioner, Eastern Health, Canada

Mariners Park Care Home
18th Aug 2021

Mariners Park Care Home Case Study

"We have had no negative comments from the care or domestic staff regarding the new wipes and they have certainly done what we intended and stopped the frequent service call-outs that we were having. The communication from our account manager has always been quick and informative and the service engineers that attend are friendly, polite, helpful and courteous, we are very pleased with the standard of service we receive from them.".

Nicola Burns – Domestic Supervisor – Mariners Park Care Home

Wide Cove
18th Aug 2021

Wide Cove Care Home Case Study

"I was very impressed with the service we received from DDC Dolphin. They were extremely professional from the initial survey right through to the installation. The new machine has been so successful I have placed an order for another Incomatic to be installed into one of our other facilities."

Lynn Price – Owner – Wide Cove Care Home

Halcyon House
29th Apr 2021

Halcyon House

"Our sluice room needed updating to allow us to comply  with modern infection control standards so we turned to DDC Dolphin for help.  They did an amazing job.  With limited space, the flow of the equipment in the room was extremely well thought out, and Bradley who completed the installation was a joy to work with. Everything was supplied and completed on time and we are delighted with the results. We now have everything we need to ensure that we have a safe and hygienic working environment for our staff."

Anne Marie Roberts – Manager – Halcyon House

Manor Residential Care
25th Aug 2020

Manor Residential Home Case Study

Manor Residential Home"Having been a client of DDC Dolphin for over 15 years and knowing the reliability of their products and services we had no hesitation in replacing our machine with them. We need reliable and dependable suppliers and the  advice and support we get from them is excellent. With DDC Dolphin on our team, our sluice room is one thing we don’t have to worry about".

Hitesh Chavda – Director - Manor Residential Home

Monarch Healthcare
4th Aug 2020

Monarch Healthcare

"We  have worked with DDC Dolphin for over 20 years but only recently taken out a service contract.  We have been delighted with the level of service we have received, especially during these difficult times, and when we decided to upgrade the sluice rooms in our homes, we were confident that they would be able to supply us with the high quality standards of products and services we required."

Hiten Shanghavi - Director - Monarch Healthcare

Maria Mallaband image
26th Jun 2020

Maria Mallaband Care Group

“Our relationship with our suppliers is important to us and having recently switched to DDC Dolphin as our service provider we have been impressed with their professionalism during these challenging times, maintaining our machines and keeping our sluice rooms functional. The speed of their response to our requests for asset reports was no surprise to us and we are confident that we have chosen the right partner to supply us with high quality reliable products and service and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

James Burgan – Commercial Director – Maria Mallaband Care Group | Countrywide Care Homes

Richmondwood Care Home
15th Jun 2020

Richmondwood Care Home

“When Covid-19 reached the UK we bought two UVMATICS® in the hope that if the virus got into our care home the machines would protect our residents and family. Several months on (and still Covid-19 free) we have just ordered a further five. They are a great size, not too bulky for our home and not only do they clean the air, but they remove odours, which is an added bonus.”

Holly Glazer, Business Manager, Richmondwood Residential Care Home

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