Sluice Room Refurbishments, Fit-Outs

Refurbish Your Sluice Rooms To Prevent Infection

Protect your residents and care teams from infection by uprating your sluice rooms with:

  • new energy-efficient bedpan washer disinfectors and medical pulp macerators that deliver high performance and cost efficiencies
  • hospital-grade flooring and wall cladding – replacing older materials that could pose an infection risk
  • robust medical-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel furniture for easier cleaning and improved hygiene.

Care home owners and groups depend on DDC Dolphin’s complete turnkey solution for sluice room refurbishments.

Our Covid-safe engineers transform old sluice rooms, enabling them to meet ever-evolving infection control requirements. Engineers work quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption to your residents and care teams.

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Sluice Room Refurbishment Panamatic Midi Bedpan Washer Disinfector


Unique Service For Sluice Rooms

DDC Dolphin is the only infection control equipment manufacturer able to also offer a full turnkey service for sluice room refurbishments and fit-outs:

All work is completed quickly, efficiently and safely by our experienced engineers.

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Sluice Room Refurbishment Stainless Steel Sink


Sluice Room Best Practice

Are you protecting your residents and staff by adopting the current best practices in your sluice room(s)?

Are your care teams still hand-washing commodes instead of using modern bedpan washer disinfectors or medical pulp macerators?

Does your sluice room have signs of disrepair such as broken tiles? Are there malodour issues? 

What if there were a change in legislation? Would your care home struggle to improve its current sluice practices?

If any of these questions give you cause for concern, they could be a sign that you need to refit or create one or more new sluice rooms. Contact us now to learn about other potential warning signs.

Fail to provide sufficient or adequate sluice room facilities and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) could decide that your care home ‘requires improvement’ due to poor infection prevention and control procedures.

A lower-tier rating from the CQC would prevent you from taking in new residents. More bedrooms could become empty until you resolve the issue.

Sluice Room Refurbishment Stainless Steel Cabinet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the intended location for my new sluice room has no electricity and/or water supply? What if it has no drainage?
A: This is not an issue. We can install water, electricity and drainage quickly, minimising disruption.

Q: What if my care home is an older building? What if the building is listed?
A: Our teams have added new sluice room facilities to Grade II listed buildings. In one instance, the project involved the retention of a treasured leaded window.

Q: What if my care home needs one or more new sluice rooms but there are no old storerooms available for conversion?
A: Converting a bedroom is one option but few care homes want to lose bedrooms and compromise occupancy rates. Other options can include taking space from a hallway or building a small extension on to your existing building. Our expert team can advise you on the best way to provide new sluice room facilities for your care home(s).

Q: What are the regulatory, compliance and best practice issues that I will need to consider?
A: Best practice guidelines for sluice rooms are changing all the time – all with a view to improving standards and preventing the spread of infections. Expect the rules to become stricter over coming years. Adding a small, easily installable new sluice room now can help you to ‘futureproof’ your care home – and avoid having to make larger and more onerous investments if and when more stringent regulations become law. 

Q: What if I need a new sluice room during challenging economic conditions?
A: New sluice room facilities need not be costly – and you can spread the capital investment over five years. Furthermore, our 360° Care, Service and Chemicals plans will help you to reduce day-to-day operational costs – extending the life of your equipment and saving you money on machine-care consumables.

Q: How long will my new sluice room last?
A: Well maintained sluice rooms will last 25 years. Machines typically have a 10-year lifespan but some care home owners choose to run DDC Dolphin machines for longer because of their inherent robustness and reliability.



Case Study: Refurbishing 49 Sluice Rooms In 21 Sanctuary Care Homes

Read how DDC Dolphin refurbished 30 sluice rooms at 11 Sanctuary care homes in London, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

In each case, we provided Sanctuary with a complete turnkey solution – so they asked us to refurbish and re-equip a further 19 sluice rooms at 10 care homes in London, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

Read the full case study


Case Study: Refurbishment At The Abbeyfield Society’s Halcyon House


Halcyon House sluice room refurbishment before and after

DDC Dolphin refurbished the sluice room at the Halcyon House in Formby, Merseyside. Work included:

  • replacing an old slop hopper system with a new Panamatic Midi bedpan washer disinfector
  • installing a stainless steel drainer and storage cabinet
  • fitting a UVMATIC air purification system to destroy bacteria in the air and on surfaces, preventing malodour.

Read the full case study.


Why DDC Dolphin?

DDC Dolphin is a world-class manufacturer of infection prevention and control equipment for care homes and hospitals across the globe.

We are the only sluice room equipment manufacturer capable of providing this complete refurbishment and fit-out service throughout the UK.

We can also:

  • Repair, service and maintain other manufacturers’ bedpan washer disinfectors and medical pulp macerators – so you only need to contact one supplier. This reduces call-outs, minimises disruption and reduces the number of engineer visits.
  • Audit and review the performance of all sluice room equipment – regardless of make or model – across multiple sites. We will highlight areas for improvement, along with opportunities to enhance machine reliability and increase efficiencies. You will receive accurate, detailed information delivered in handy at-a-glance reports – either spreadsheets for quick and easy filtering, data sorting and analysis, or pdfs for smart reporting and compliance.
  • Provide detailed reporting via an online portal – so you can view machine performance, maintenance requirements and costs from any location with Wi-Fi or a mobile phone signal. You will see the same reports as our account managers and engineers. This speeds up the decision-making process: fewer meetings, less administration, greater productivity.

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