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360° Vacumatic Finance Package

The Vacumatic is a 100% efficient and odourless waste disposal system, now available to purchase on a versatile and affordable payment plan.

Our  360° Vacumatic finance package allows you to spread the cost - not infection.

With a 360° Vacumatic Finance package this new technology costs just £8.00 per day – making it more affordable and bringing its infection-prevention and money-saving benefits to a wider range of care homes and hospitals.

Keeping your facility odour-free isn’t just about cleanliness. It’s about respect and dignity.

Vacumatic assists your waste disposal process by sanitising and hermetically sealing dirty waste bags. This eliminates exposure to any potential viruses and bacteria, as well as destroying tell-tale odour at its source.

The Vacumatic Finance package includes:

  • Vacumatic machine
  • Vacumatic Bag supply for five years (based on one bag per day)
  • Vacumatic Bag trolley holder
  • Five-year parts and labour warranty (warranty policy applies)
  • Five-year service plan
  • Product training and ongoing technical support
  • Product delivery and set up.


How does Vacumatic work?

  • Vacumatic uses a medical grade filter to sterilise the extruded air from vacuumed disposal bags, eliminating exposure to odours and bacteria, whilst condensing waste into tightly sealed packages.
  • Simply empty the waste into an airtight bag and Vacumatic will hermetically seal the contaminated material, ready for safe and easy disposal in the appropriate bin.
  • Vacumatic bags are 110 microns thick, 100% odourless and airtight. They remove the problem of exposed waste and, most importantly, will help your facility to prevent the spread of dangerous infections.

Vacumatic is ...

  • Suitable for all types of non-offensive waste, and a safe alternative to bedpan washers/macerators.
  • Exceptionally economical, reducing waste volume by up to 50%.
  • Extremely quiet, using a validated air valve fitted with a medical grade bacterial filter.
  • Completely hands-free, reducing the risk of cross contamination.





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