If a machine in your sluice/dirty utility room breaks down or malfunctions, you could find yourself dealing with devastating consequences.

Not only do your clinicians have to use alternative means of disposing of human waste, which often take up valuable time which could be spent caring for patients, but those disposal methods are also far less sanitary – putting your staff and patients at the risk of contracting a preventable healthcare-acquired infection.

These dangerous disruptions must be mitigated as a priority.

DDC Dolphin Engineer Using Screwdriver

DDC Dolphin’s team of highly-qualified engineers can repair your bedpan washer, pulp macerator or incontinence macerator and get you back up and running - fast.

Our customer service team are always on hand to take your call, and thanks to our live tracking software, can dispatch the nearest engineer to fix your problem as soon as possible.

All our engineers go through rigorous in-house training as part of their onboarding process. In addition, many of our engineers are City & Guilds ‘Human Waste Disinfectors – Periodic Testing’ qualified.

Not only can we repair any DDC Dolphin machine, but we are also able to service or repair any other make or model – even if the manufacturer no longer covers their own machine. Our priority is to help you guarantee the safety of your facility.


Our engineers are:

  • Specialists in repairing bedpan washer disinfectors, pulp bedpan macerators and incontinence product macerators
  • Strategically located around the country, to give the very best UK coverage and response times on the market
  • Experienced in current and discontinued makes and models of sluice/dirty utility room machinery
  • Directly employed by DDC Dolphin, the only company able to service all makes and models of sluice machines, while nationally providing a 24hr – 72hr response.
DDC Dolphin engineers will support your infection control needs, without risk.


DDC Dolphin Engineer Maintaining Sluice Room Machinery

To Benefit From DDC Dolphin’s Repair Services In The Most Cost-efficient Way, Take A Look At Our Packages:

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