Guide To Sluice Room Servicing

Whether you work for a hospital, a care home, or any other kind of healthcare facility, your overall goals are the same - to provide the highest possible quality of care.

Naturally, part of your duty of care is to prevent your patients or residents from contracting a preventable healthcare associated infection. One of the most efficient ways you can do this is by quickly and safely disposing of human waste via a medical pulp macerator or bedpan washer disinfector

But if your sluice room machinery is regularly breaking down, experiencing faults, or not effectively disinfecting or disposing of waste, you could be putting them - and the reputation of your facility - at risk. 

Yet there is a straightforward, cost-effective and pain-free solution to ensuring the reliability of your sluice room equipment - regular service visits

Download our Guide To Sluice Room Servicing to learn more about the benefits of servicing, exactly what a service visit involves, and how a regular servicing contract can help you to better manage sluice room costs. 


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