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1st May 2018

10 Golden Rules For How To Keep Your Bedpan Washer In Good Working Order

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24th Apr 2018

What Are The Alternatives To Bedpan Washers?

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17th Apr 2018

What Are The Benefits Of A Hands-free Bedpan Washer Disinfector?

Old people in care home
10th Apr 2018

Care Home Sluice Room Best Practice Guidelines

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3rd Apr 2018

How To Wash Bedpans With A Washer Disinfector

Reusable Urine Bottles
27th Mar 2018

Why You Need To Stop Washing Bedpans By Hand

DDC Dolphin EcoWash
20th Mar 2018

How Limescale Impacts On Infection Control

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13th Mar 2018

How Pulp Products Protect Your Staff

Doctor listening to child's chest with stethoscope
6th Mar 2018

Why A Cough Is An Infection Control Risk

2nd Mar 2018

Are You Managing Your Assets?

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27th Feb 2018

Are Pulp Macerators Wasteful?

Question Marks
20th Feb 2018

DDC Dolphin Frequently Asked Questions

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14th Feb 2018

What You Should Expect from Infection Control Solutions

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6th Feb 2018

Bedpan Washers Vs Pulp Macerators

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30th Jan 2018

Pulp Macerators - What To Consider

What is thermal disinfection 2
23rd Jan 2018

What Is HTM 2030 And Why Is It Important

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16th Jan 2018

Top Loading Bedpan Washer Disinfectors - What To Consider

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9th Jan 2018

Washers And Macerators Are Clean

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