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Benefits Of A Macerator Disposal System

Using maceration for human waste disposal

Why choose a Pulpmatic macerator system over conventional methods of waste disposal?

Maceration of single use pulp items greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination. This modern, hygienic and environmentally friendly method of disposal has become the standard and best practice in both private and NHS hospitals in the UK and increasingly around the world. DDC Dolphin’s Pulpmatic range of machines offer a complete macerator system for the disposal of medical pulp and human waste providing a hygienic, safe disposal system. All of our pulp macerators have antimicrobial surfaces and feature patented hands free open and close technology so once started staff can leave the machine to complete the disposal cycle without the need to unload the machine saving valuable staff time.

Watch our video below for the top 7 benefits of a pulp macerator.


Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs)

HCAI’s are a major problem in hospitals around the world, putting patients at risk and significantly adding to overall costs. Without stringent infection control processes in hospitals and care homes, nosocomial infections such as MRSA, C.difficile and Norovirus can easily and quickly be transferred among patients making infection control critical in safeguarding both staff and patients health. Pulpmatic macerators with the single use pulp item system greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination.


Unique Hands Free Operation

Our Pulpmatic macerators use patented totally hands free technology offering completely hands free operation by means of a footcup at the base of the machine and a top mounted optical sensor to close and start the machine. This makes the Pulpmatic range of machines easier to use and incredibly hygienic, greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Macerator hands-free opening in action

Efficient and Economical

Pulpmatic macerators offer greater efficiency made possible by their unique design features. The cutting blades in our macerators pulverise waste into tiny particles, and unlike other macerators using closed systems, the DDC Dolphin open system ensures that from the beginning to the end of the cycle water flows continuously, moving the waste from the chamber and greatly reducing the risk of potential clogging of exit drains or pipes. The efficient operation of our Pulpmatic macerators translates into significant operating cost savings in terms of staff time and water and electricity consumption.


Disinfection technology

Pulpmatic macerators incorporate the latest ‘Microbesafe’ silver nanotechnology, the lids are impregnated with silver ion anti-microbial properties which inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Automatic disinfection of the internal chamber is achieved at the end of each cycle when the internal chamber is sprayed with water infused with DDC Dolphin’s EcoCleanse+ macerator disinfectant and rinsed around the drum to meet EN1276 and EN13704 standards, eliminating spores of up to 99.999% or major HCAI’s leaving the chamber clean and smelling fresh.


Environmentally Friendly

Pulpmatic macerators break down recycled paper products into tiny particles and disposes of them directly into the waste system reducing the need for landfill. Short cycle times resulting in low water and electricity consumption also help to reduce the environmental impact.


Simple to Install/Easy Servicing Programme

Pulpmatic macerators are designed to make the installation process connecting to water and electricity supplies a simple and quick procedure. We supply the most comprehensive after sales service and support on all our products which is reinforced by an extensive team of fully qualified engineers with a high level of specialist knowledge. The combination of our GPS managed service system and our extensive network of strategically located service and installation engineers means we are able to provide the very best response time throughout the UK.


Versatile Operation

Compatible with all makes and manufacturers of disposable medical pulp products.

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