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Choosing Infection Control Solutions Which Give Time Back To Care

Your nurses know the importance of infection control and follow your precautions to the letter. However, as a result, there’s a seemingly unavoidable impact on the time that can be spent at the bedside of patients.


How does this happen and – most importantly – how can we give that time back to hands-on care?


Hospital patients rely on effective bedside care in order to feel safe, comfortable and meet positive clinical outcomes.


Nobody understands this better than your nursing team. Highly trained in the importance of psychosocial duties alongside administering hands-on medical treatment and personal care, the role of a nurse is as critical as it is complex.


These essential responsibilities are a challenge to juggle, however, even for the most senior clinician.


From staffing shortages to busy wards at maximum capacity, nurses are under constant pressure to balance a heavy workload. This often means that valuable time at the patient’s bedside is sacrificed for more urgent duties.

Is your care home's budget a juggling act? DDC Dolphin will help you get the most out of your infection control spend, so every responsibility is in hand.


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In any healthcare environment, infection control precautions are essential to keep patients and clinicians safe from HCAIs. Nevertheless, they take time.


Managing human waste, in particular, puts constant pressure on busy hospital wards. Where numerous patients may be bed bound, nurses must be quick to act on the toileting, washing and cleansing needs of those in their care. This doesn't just involve helping patients to use bedpans and commodes, for example - there's a lot that must happen after, too.


Taking the bedpan to the sluice room, disinfecting (or disposing of) the item, removing soiled PPE and thoroughly washing one’s hands is a time-consuming ritual that must take place tens of times a day.


This is merely one infection control task on top of countless others which necessitate hand washing, surface sanitation and careful equipment handling. The requirements are essential, yet relentless.


However, with the right tools, time management can be made easier – without compromising your high standards.


The development of infection control technology is fast paced. Infection control experts such as DDC Dolphin are constantly serving innovation in the infection control market, allowing hospitals and other healthcare providers to tackle the difficulties associated with labour-intensive infection control tasks and time management. 

From the most hygienic pulp macerator on the market to entirely automated air purification, virus-destroying antimicrobial coatings and 100% compostable care wipes, DDC Dolphin can equip your hospital with the infection control solutions it needs to protect patients and clinicians.


All the while, these innovations will allow you to increase efficiency and give time back to care.


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