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Save Money, Time and The Planet With Hygenex Eco-Friendly Wipes

Hygenex Eco-Friendly Patient Wipes are a high-quality, easy-to-use, and simple-to-dispose-of alternative to traditional polypropylene wipes.

Where a traditional wipe threatens to tear while in use, clog plumbing and prove uncomfortable on sore skin, Hygenex Wipes provide the solution. They’re strong enough to make clean-ups easy and hygienic, while also being kind to skin and simple to dispose of in bedpan washers, macerators, slop hoppers or toilets.

They are also…

Better for your budget.

Hygenex Wipes are five times more absorbent than polypropylene-based wipes as they do not contain any plastic. 

Plastic is just a filler. It doesn’t soak up fluid or make a wipe more effective. 

Extra absorption means you don’t need extra wipes. In fact, you’ll use four less wipes to complete the same clean-up, so your stock lasts far longer.

Better for patients.

Hygenex Wipes are 50% softer than polypropylene alternatives.

From infants to the elderly, patients have a nicer experience when a wipe is gentle on their skin and doesn’t cause uncomfortable soreness over time. 

Care home residents outside

Better for the planet.

Hygenex Wipes are eco-friendly and will completely break down into 100% organic matter. They’re fully compostable and disperse easily when disposed of in bedpan washers, macerators, slop hoppers or toilets.

Polypropylene based wipes, however, will eventually break down into microplastics - causing a serious threat to the environment

Better for staff.

From surface cleaning to intimate personal care, Hygenex Wipes make light work of a range of dirty tasks whilst being quick and easy to dispose of; helping save vital nursing time.

Better for waste disposal.

Hygenex Wipes are fully flushable without causing drainage blockages, thus reducing maintenance time, costs and inconvenience.

Having passed all 7 tests for EDANA & INDA standards of fl¬ushability, you can have the confidence that wipe disposal won’t cause any inconvenience, without the need for arduous or repetitive user training.


A choice of wet and dry wipes, to suit your needs.

There’s no need to ‘make do’ – Hygenex Wipes ensure that you have the product you need to complete to task at hand, easily and effectively.

Wet Wipes

Hygenex Eco-Friendly Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes are a gentle and highly effective skin cleanser which loosens, lifts and locks contamination into the wipe. 

Containing premium ingredients in meaningful quantities, you can count on Hygenex Wet Wipes for exceptional performance – all while reducing skin bioburden with a highly effective, non-biocidal cleaning action.

Sting-free, rinse-free and non-greasy in use, Hygenex Wet Wipes help to make care tasks as comfortable as possible for both the patient and clinician. Suitable for sensitive skin, the wipes are dermatologically tested and pH-balanced to maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier; they’re so gentle, they can even be used to safely cleanse greasy, dry, cracked, chafed and chapped skin. 

•    For use on hands, body and face
•    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
•    Soap, lanolin and alcohol free
•    Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic 
•    Gentle and highly effective skin cleanser 
•    30 wipes per pack
•    Individual wipe size 200 x 160 mm.


Dry Wipes

Soft when dry and yet strong and smooth when wet, Hygenex Eco-Friendly Patient
Dry Wipes are kind to patients’ skin and highly effective in their ability to clean.

Designed for versatile dual application, dry wipes can be used on surfaces or skin and are suitable for use with detergents, disinfectants and skin cleansing products. No matter how you use Hygenex Dry Wipes, they won’t let you down by disintegrating or tearing.

Highly absorbent and suitable for full body cleansing, Hygenex Dry Wipes lift soiling with ease and can even be used by clinicians to tend to their own personal care or occupational needs. 

•    Dual application wipes for use on surfaces or skin
•    Suitable for use with detergents, disinfectants, and skin cleansing products
•    Highly absorbent
•    75 wipes per pack
•    Individual wipe size 270 x 260mm.

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