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Managing Your Care Home's Infection Control Budget


Is Your Care Home’s Budget A Juggling Act?


DDC Dolphin Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Infection Control Spend, So Every Responsibility is in Hand.


From everyday comforts and catering to staffing and medical equipment, you strive to provide your residents with the care, enjoyment and safety that make your home a great place to live.

It all has a price.

The balance between charging a fair fee and providing reputation-building facilities can be difficult to strike. You want to provide all-round excellence – but when you look at the numbers, is it practical?

When it comes to infection control, you’re required to invest. Outbreaks of infection are devastating to care communities, with potentially life-threatening consequences. The CQC will inspect your IPC policies thoroughly to ensure those living and working in your home are protected; and if they aren’t, a damning CQC rating could follow.


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DDC Dolphin will help you manage your infection control costs and provide quality care, every day.


We believe that even the most innovative infection control solutions should be accessible, to the benefit of communities all over the globe. That’s why our equipment can be found in over 5000 facilities, in 50 countries, on 6 continents.

No matter what kind of infection control solution you need, we’ll help you to find the best value, at the highest standard.

Low-Cost Leasing Options


360 Care will allow your home to be equipped with leading-edge sluice room equipment, for a manageable monthly cost. Better yet, this will include a comprehensive maintenance package, so you can be sure that your machine is always working at its optimum.

With a monthly price that’s fixed for 5 years, you can get a brand-new bedpan washer or medical pulp macerator, with all your planned service and maintenance visits included.

Leasing options are available for a host of DDC Dolphin technology, so just let us know how we can help.




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Save Your Spend with Tax Super-Deductions


The government often have initiatives in place to help care homes save money on their capital equipment and improve their infection control procedures. However, you may find it difficult to keep up with every option available.

DDC Dolphin are world-class experts in improving care home infection control standards.

We stay up to speed on the latest financial assistance, including government grants and tax cuts, to make sure that your care home can be well-equipped to prevent dangerous infections like COVID-19, E. coli and norovirus.

Some of our customers have been able to claim as much as 130% in capital allowances on qualifying plant and machinery.


Your staff and residents deserve to be protected by comprehensive infection control solutions.


Contact our experts today to discover the financial assistance you could be entitled to.



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