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What Is The Care Home Infection Control Fund And How Is It Best Used?

The UK government has released an Infection Control Fund worth £600 million to help tackle the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in care homes.

This essential package is being given to local authorities to ensure that all care homes have the financial support they need to implement effective infection-control measures.

There are many items and procedures that will be crucial to consider. One element that should not be forgotten, however, is the management of human waste and how this can influence the spread of COVID-19.

Research has identified the presence of live COVID-19 virus in the waste of infected patients, leading to all secretions (except sweat) being regarded as potentially infectious. The safe disposal of incontinence products, as well as the cleaning or disposal of bedpans and commode pots, has never been so important.

DDC Dolphin can help you to ensure that standards of infection control in your care home are impeccably high.

Our innovative range of human waste management solutions is designed to offer ultimate peace of mind during the fight against COVID-19 and beyond.


Prevent COVID-19, keep your staff and residents safe from infection and improve your CQC rating.

DDC Dolphin makes it possible.

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Pulpmatic Ultima being loaded2

Medical Pulp Macerators

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic macerators provide a safe and convenient way to dispose of pulp bedpans, urine bottles and commode pots.

Featuring enhanced chemical dosing, antimicrobial surfaces and fully hands-free operation, the new Pulpmatic Eco+ is the most environmentally friendly, economical, and hygienic macerator on the market.

Discover more about our Medical Pulp Macerators here.

Incontinence Product Macerators

The DDC Dolphin Incomatic macerator provides a convenient and hygienic means of disposing of incontinence pads and nappies – quickly and efficiently.

Taking just two minutes to complete a cycle, the Incomatic uses specially designed cutting technology to shred incontinence pads and nappies into fine particles. These particles are then discharged into the sewerage system, leaving no lingering smell, mess or potential risk of infection.

Discover more about the Incomatic incontinence product macerator here.


Panamatic Optima2 with bedpans loaded


Bedpan Washers

Where reusable bedpans are in use, you can trust DDC Dolphin’s range of Panamatic bedpan washers to provide the advanced infection control technology required to keep your residents safe.

Available as front or top-loading machines, Panamatic bedpan washers are made from a minimum grade 304 stainless steel, with patented antimicrobial surfaces to minimise cross infection and reduce microbial growth.

View our full Panamatic bedpan washer range here.



Air Purification Systems

DDC Dolphin UVMATIC and UVMATIC Plus air purification systems provide an essential defence against pathogens in the air. 

Completely automated and chemical-free, UVMATIC draws in polluted air and treats it using UV light, ozone and negative ions – resolving persistent odour problems and destroying bacteria in the air and on hard surfaces.

The UVMATIC Plus, while also offering industrial-strength air purification, is a portable unit that can moved from room to room – making it far easier to disinfect multiple areas in your care home.

You can find out more about UVMATIC and UVMATIC Plus here.


DDC Dolphin engineer working on machine4

Care And Maintenance

Infection control machinery is not a temporary defence. You should expect it to form a critical part of your armoury for many years to come.

For this reason, DDC Dolphin will stand with you for the lifetime of your machinery – as well as any older sluice room machinery that you may continue to use.

The 360° Care, Service and Chemical packages from DDC Dolphin offer a versatile way to both purchase and service your new equipment, while simultaneously benefitting from the excellent knowledge and experience of DDC Dolphin engineers.

Our engineers are:

  • specialists in repairing bedpan washer disinfectors, medical pulp macerators and incontinence product macerators
  • located strategically around the country to give the very best UK coverage and response times on the market
  • experienced in current and discontinued makes and models of sluice room machinery.

You can find out more about our care and maintenance packages here.

We manufacture and supply industry-leading infection control technology.

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