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Why And How Would You Use A Bedpan Washer Disinfector?

Infection control in hospitals, care facilities, hospices and special needs schools is a pressing concern for caregivers and facility management alike.

E. coli infections contributed to over 5,500 deaths in 2016. It’s a frightening number.

However, statistics also show that infection management is continuously improving, with MRSA and C. difficile cases reducing by 57% and 45% respectively since 2010. Much of this advancement can be attributed to steady development of infection control solutions.

Human waste disposal procedures are critical to a successful infection control strategy. Not only do they keep patients safe, but they save time and money; break-outs of HCAIs (healthcare associated infections) bear a heavy cost on both.

Watch our below video for a brief overview the benefits of bedpan washer disinfectors.

Why Use A Washer Disinfector?

Many medical institutions rely on reusable bedpans for efficiency and patient comfort.

Used as an alternative to disposable, single-use solutions, reusable utensils are generally made of plastic or stainless steel. They are the choice of many institutions who value its one-off cost.

washer disinfector will ensure that no compromise is made regarding infection control when re-usable bedpans are in circulation.

Body fluids are hotbeds for bacterial infections, so it’s critical that used bedpans are meticulously cleaned to the highest standard before being exposed to the next user. This requires more than a rinse and a scrupulous visual check; efficient disinfecting should be measurable in terms of temperature gauging and the use of suitable chemicals.

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Similarly, the processes used by care workers must ensure that bacteria isn’t being transferred by the transportation of utensils and the touching of cleaning equipment.

Washer disinfectors provide a safe, high-heat cleaning solution with the option of hands-free technology, which kills or denatures pathogens and assists your overall infection control strategy.


How Does A Washer Disinfector Work?

Using a washer disinfector will ensure that reusable bedpans remain sanitary, thus preventing lingering biological hazards putting staff and patients at risk.

Available as wall-mounted, fitted under worktops or as part of a built-in unit, a washer disinfector disposes of waste contents into the sewerage system whilst simultaneously washing bedpans and other utensils clean of organic debris which harbour bacteria.

Once loaded, a washer disinfector cycle can take as little as 6 minutes from start to finish; perfect for the time-sensitive nature of many clinical operations. Fixed and rotating wash nozzles are strategically placed to direct water towards the bedpans and maximise dispersal of waste while simultaneously reducing water wastage. There is a steady flow of water to the drain to remove dirty water and prevent blockages and residue build-up in the pipes.

Washer disinfectors can clean and disinfect several items at a time, making them a suitable solution to the demands of busy wards. Their effectiveness is measurable – a display panel shows that the machine is being heated by steam to the 80°C required to kill bacteria, so you can be confident that the cleaning process is effective (and far more so than a manual method).

In addition, DDC Dolphin’s patented hands-free machines allow for a massively reduced risk of cross-contamination. Hand and footcup proximity sensors used to open, close and start the machine mean there’s no need to touch buttons with dirty fingers.

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Are There Any Additional Benefits?

Using a washer disinfector allows hospitals, care facilities, hospices and special needs schools to effectively forecast running costs. Purchasing a washer disinfector involves a one-off investment for purchase and installation, with limited consumables to invest in later.

When choosing your washer disinfector, DDC Dolphin can also offer expert advice regarding sluice/dirty utility room planning and design, so you can ensure that infection control areas have a clear flow and maximise the space permitted.

In addition, DDC Dolphin offer comprehensive service maintenance and training packages, so your machine can be used to its full functionality and maximum lifespan, with limited downtime for repairs.

All in all, a DDC Dolphin washer disinfector will allow your facility to reach the hygiene standards that both patients and regulating bodies expect, while ensuring your staff and patients are protected from infection.

If you’re thinking of investing in a washer disinfector to assist your infection control strategy, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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