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Dorset County Hospital

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs Dorset County Hospital, an NHS district general hospital in the town of Dorchester, Dorset, England. With 500 beds the hospital is the hub of the district's inpatient facilities but community hospitals, formerly owned by the North and South West Dorset Primary Care Groups, are situated in the surrounding major towns and provide the 'spokes' to the central unit.


The Challenge

Dorset County Hospital had just completed a replacement regime whereby all of the existing machinery was replaced with DDC Dolphin’s Pulpmatic Ultimas, totalling 26 macerators. They now needed to ensure that all the machines were kept in working order with a robust maintenance plan. Dorset County Hospital is one of the few hospitals that benefits from having close proximity to DDC Dolphin as both a service provider and valued partner.


The Solution

DDC Dolphin created a service package specifically tailored to the needs of Dorset County Hospital with a 3 year planned preventative maintenance contract. This included staff training on the machines and their capabilities, plus training the hospital’s own engineers to recognise faults and easy fixes to ensure minimum down time. Close proximity to DDC Dolphin HQ is a bonus, but our ability to react quickly to any problems is greatly improved by our Metrix engineering service system which constantly revises the work schedules, ensuring the fastest response times for all service call outs. With all the benefits of a fully comprehensive maintenance plan with DDC, Dorset County Hospital can rest assured that it is in good hands.


The Outcome

"With the completion of our replacement regime of 26 Pulpmatic Ultimas and a 3 year maintenance contract in place we are confident that DDC Dolphin will continue to provide us with a premier service. Staff training and fast response times on all maintenance issues are key to reducing downtime which is essential in a busy hospital like this."

Sean Miller, Estates Manager, Dorset County Hospital

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