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Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore

Farrer Park Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare institute in Singapore, set up to offer a fresh approach to medical treatment. Their care philosophy extends beyond healing and the management of disease to engaging their patients as partners in the pursuit of good health and providing an oasis for realising these goals.


The Challenge

Farrer Park Hospital were initially considering bedpan washer disinfectors for this new hospital project. NEU Industries introduced them to the concept of DDC Dolphin macerators and single-use pulp items as a solution to their needs. By using this new maceration technology, nurses would be able to spend more time with their patients. In addition, the unique hands-free technology also helps in the everyday fight against healthcare associated infections.


The Solution

DDC Dolphin’s large capacity Pulpmatic Ultima macerators are now installed throughout the wards in the new hospital building and are proving to be a real asset in the fight against healthcare associated infections. This latest range of hygienic, completely hands-free equipment with automatic self-cleaning flushing, plus the anti-blockage feature was the perfect solution for Farrer Park. These machines are now installed throughout the hospital, giving nurses more time to attend to patients.


The Outcome

“We were initially considering the traditional bedpan sanitizers but after much consideration in regard to the cost and benefits it could bring us, we decided to go for DDC Dolphin macerators. We have made the right choice. The machine is very easy to use, hands-free and with no blockages! We are very happy and glad to have NEU Industries providing their excellent service to us. I would highly recommend using DDC Dolphin macerators and pulp items supplied by NEU Industries for any dirty utility room”.

Badli Shah, Senior Nurse Manager, Farrer Park Hospital

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