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Richmondwood Care Home

Richmondwood Care Home is a family run residential care home situated in the heart of Bournemouth. Established in 1978 this historic building has been transformed over a number of years to a first class 22 bed care home with en-suite toilet and full bathing facilities. Its beautiful award winning landscaped gardens have been designed with residents in mind, so that all areas are level and easily accessed. Richmondwood pride themselves on delivering the best possible care for their residents at all times.

The Challenge

With the outbreak of Covid-19 in early March, Richmondwood took the decision to restrict access to the home to safeguard their residents. The outbreak of Covid-19 also made the Richmondwood team re-evaluate their infection control procedures to identify where improvements could be made that would support them in their fight against infection. They decided to increase protection by installing two UVMATIC® Air Purification Systems. Completely automated and chemical free with low running costs the UVMATIC® could be left to run 24/7, and was the perfect solution for removing any harmful bacteria from surfaces, purifying the air around the home, whilst removing any malodours and providing support to their existing cleaning regimes.

The Solution

DDC Dolphin installed the UVMATIC® Air Purification Systems in Richmondwood in early March. They were installed in two key access areas identified, one in the staff entrance area and another in a main corridor. Several months on and due to the swift action of the Richmondwood care team the home remains Covid free - a great achievement. The team are so pleased with the UVMATIC’s performance they have invested some of their government funding for infection control in another five machines for further placement around the home.

The Outcome

“When Covid-19 reached the UK we bought two UVMATICS® in the hope that if the virus got into our care home the machines would protect our residents and family. Several months on (and still Covid-19 free) we have just ordered a further five. They are a great size, not too bulky for our home and not only do they clean the air, but they remove odours, which is an added bonus.”

Holly Glazer, Business Manager, Richmondwood Residential Care Home


Richmondwood Care Home

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