New Finance Package For Money-Saving Waste Management System

A revolutionary new waste management system for care homes and hospitals is now available through a finance package that makes it more affordable than ever.

Vacumatic from DDC Dolphin is the 100% hygienic, odour-free way to dispose of dirty waste. The units compact waste – significantly reducing the number of costly collections needed.

Smart, simple-to-operate Vacumatic makes it easy for care workers to collect waste then safely vacuum-compact it ready for collection and disposal.

London-based early adopter Oakland Care, which has homes in Essex, East Sussex, Kent and Oxfordshire, reported a 40% reduction in bin collections after using Vacumatic.

Now this new technology costs just £8.00 per day – making it more affordable and bringing its infection-prevention and money-saving benefits to a wider range of care homes and hospitals. The finance package includes:

  • Vacumatic machine
  • Vacu Bag supply for five years (based on one bag per day)
  • Vacu Bag trolley holder
  • five-year parts and labour warranty
  • five-year service plan
  • product training and ongoing technical support
  • product delivery and set up.

And under the government’s full expensing incentive, companies get a tax cut of up to 25p for every pound they invest in capital equipment such as Vacumatic. 

DDC Dolphin Marketing and HR Director Zoe Allen said: “Vacumatic is an obvious money-saver for care homes and hospitals that pay per collection for their waste disposal.

“Aside from the vital infection-prevention benefits, the money that Vacumatic saves can give users a substantial return on investment.

“Vacumatic reduces the number of waste collection trips. This saves time, fuel and emissions – an important consideration for those working hard to hit their CO2 reduction targets.

“There are also substantial manual handling benefits, making it easier for workers to remove waste from care homes and hospitals,” she added.
Vacumatic provides peace of mind. It is designed to last at least 10 years – a decade of infection prevention and cash savings.

The units use sturdy 110-micron thick tiger bags that are much more split-resistant than normal striped bags. This increases safety and saves time.

Ms Allen added: “There’s also a personal security benefit for care workers that have to take bags out to bins in isolated locations, especially late at night. This can be very worrying for some staff. 

“Instead, the odourless and vacuum-compacted waste can be stored safely indoors, then taken out to the bins the next day when staff feel less vulnerable,” she added.

World-class infection prevention and control specialist DDC Dolphin develops, manufactures and supplies machines and consumables to care homes and hospitals around the world. Equipment includes:

  • bedpan washer disinfectors
  • incontinence product macerators
  • medical pulp macerators
  • UV air purifiers
  • stainless steel furniture
  • sluice room consumables.

DDC Dolphin refurbishes sluice rooms as a single-source supplier, taking on all the project management and providing a single point of contact. Its full turnkey service includes a free initial consultation and a free design survey.

For more information, contact DDC Dolphin.

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