DDC Dolphin's Pulpmatic Eco+ Protects Patients, Budgets And The Planet

Hospitals and care homes can safeguard patients, cut costs and save the planet – with an advanced new medical pulp macerator from infection control specialist DDC Dolphin.

New Pulpmatic Eco+ is the most hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly medical pulp
macerator of its kind in the world.

It is quicker, safer and cheaper to run – using less energy and 50% less water than other models.

Cycles now last just 85 seconds. Pulpmatic Eco+’s advanced five-blade macerator disc shreds pulp better – making blockages and downtime less likely.

New features save time and reduce the chance of operator errors:

  • Fully hands-free with an easy-access hand sensor. Operatives need never touch the machine – reducing the risk of infections spreading to patients and clinicians
  • User-friendly graphic interface with animated instructions, status updates and fault fixer guide (in the unlikely event of issues)
  • Helpful audio messages (in any language) help stop operator errors and cut the cost of training
  • Click ‘n’ fit chemical system – easy-to-load cartridges improve germ-killing performance and reduce downtime.

Disinfectant doses are more concentrated so hospitals and care homes don’t need to store as much – saving space.

DDC Dolphin Marketing Director Zoe Allen said: “Low operating costs make Pulpmatic Eco+ the
smart way to improve infection control procedures and manage sluice room budgets at the same time.

“It is perfectly suited for all wards or care homes because it can process up to four pulp items in 85 seconds and is quieter than other machines.”

She added: “The Pulpmatic Eco+ is still killing germs even when it’s switched off. Its MicrobeSafe+ antimicrobial and antifungal technology helps to prevent the spread of bacteria on its surfaces.”

Poole-based DDC Dolphin is the leading manufacturer of medical pulp macerators. It is one of only three companies in the world specialising in the manufacture of these machines.

DDC Dolphin exports sluice room equipment and accessories across the world, safeguarding patients and clinicians from dangerous infections including superbugs.

Its products include:

  • medical pulp macerators and incontinence product macerators
  • bedpan washer disinfectors
  • the UVMATIC air purification system that destroys the Influenza virus, E.coli, Salmonella and similar bacteria
  • Hygenex stainless steel furniture for hospitals and care homes
  • Hygenex maceratable and flushable wipes, medical pulp containers, bedpan washing fluid,
  • macerator disinfectant and limescale inhibitor.

Key markets for DDC Dolphin are Europe, India, Singapore and the rest of Asia.

For more information, please contact DDC Dolphin Marketing and Product Innovation Director Zoe Allen, 01202 731555, , www.ddcdolphin.com.


Notes For Editors

DDC Dolphin Ltd
The Fulcrum
Vantage Way
BH12 4NU

T: +44 (0) 1202 731555
F: +44 (0) 1202 731666
W: www.ddcdolphin.com

DDC Dolphin is a leading manufacturer of infection control equipment for the healthcare sector. The company was founded in 1991.

DDC Dolphin safeguards patients and clinicians from infection by providing a complete sluice/dirty utility room solution for hospitals and care facilities.

The company manufactures, installs, maintains and audits medical pulp macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors, sluice room stainless steel furniture and consumable products. It has invested in antimicrobial coatings and hands-free technology to drive innovation in the sector.

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