10 Reasons You Need DDC Dolphin Infection Control Technology For Your Hospitals Or Care Homes

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1. Dispose Of Human Waste Safely, Hygienically, Effectively And Efficiently

2. Maintain Or Improve Your Hospital’s Or Care Home’s CQC Rating

3. Improve The Efficiency Of Your Waste Disposal/Infection-Control Processes

4. Get More From Your Budgets, Reduce Sluice Room Running Costs, Increase Equipment Reliability And Lifespan

5. Improve And Streamline Procurement, Reduce Administration Time And Costs

6. Free Up Hospital Beds By Avoiding Additional Demands Created By Infection Outbreaks

7. Increase Time Available To Deliver Hands-On Care

8. Improve Staff Compliance With Infection-Control Best Practice

9. Reduce The Risk Of Costly Medical Negligence Claims

10. Improve Environmental Performance, Meet NHS Green Targets

1. Dispose Of Human Waste Safely, Hygienically, Effectively And Efficiently

  • Improve safety for hospital patients, care home residents, clinicians and carers, improve patients’ and residents’ dignity.
  • Reduce the risk of inter-patient/resident/staff HCAI infection
  • Reduce the risk of infection transmission following contact with surfaces
  • Reduce airborne infections, remove bad odours.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients contract Healthcare-associated Infections (HCAIs) while being cared for in NHS hospitals.

Hospitals and care homes around the world depend on DDC Dolphin’s leading-edge infection-control solutions to stop the spread of HCAIs – saving lives, preventing injuries, reducing treatment/rehabilitation times and improving outcomes.


World-class infection-control technology from DDC Dolphin includes:


View the full range of DDC Dolphin infection-control solutions


Save 24.7% on the cost of sluice machines and other capital equipment. Benefit from government tax breaks – claim back 130% in capital allowances.


Buy with confidence – see our full list of accreditations for the UK, Europe and Canada

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Panamatic Optima2

2. Maintain Or Improve Your Hospital’s Or Care Home’s CQC Rating


CQC inspections can make or break the reputation of your hospitals or care homes.


The Care Quality Commission has the power to issue requirement notices, warning notices, cautions and fines, impose conditions, place providers in special measures – and prosecute cases where people have been harmed or placed in danger of harm.


Learn how to avoid an ‘Inadequate’ CQC rating at your care home. Read more…

How to meet the latest criteria for care home CQC inspections. Read more…

Get help with CQC compliance...


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Care home residents

3. Improve The Efficiency Of Your Waste Disposal/Infection-Control Processes


All DDC Dolphin’s advanced medical pulp macerators save time by reducing the need to clean reusable items. They are economical, saving energy and water – reducing operating costs, and preventing ward shutdowns due to infection.


And the Hygenex Vacumatic waste disposal system cuts costs by vacuum-compacting and sealing waste – reducing storage, collection and disposal costs. Waste volume is reduced by 50%.


Waste is vacuum-sealed 100% hygienically. Odours, viruses and bacteria are filtered out through a validated 0.2 micron filter.


Each Vacumatic unit can be wheeled quickly and easily from ward to ward or room to room – supporting your sluice room operations or providing an efficient alternative to maceration.


Find out more about Vacumatic, watch the 72-second video

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4. Get More From Your Budgets, Reduce Sluice Room Running Costs, Increase Equipment Reliability And Lifespan


Reduce the cost of sluice room operations. DDC Dolphin’s advanced medical pulp macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors and incontinence product macerators are designed to use less energy and water.


This has never been more important with the rising cost of energy and the critical importance of reducing your carbon footprint to meet environmental targets for NHS facilities and their suppliers.


Properly serviced and well maintained sluice room machines last longer – reducing the financial and environmental cost replacing them.


DDC Dolphin’s 360° Care, 360° Service and 360° Chemical contract packages reduce the costs and administration associated with your sluice rooms.



  • Superior aftercare. 360° Service includes annual or twice-yearly service maintenance visits, parts and labour warranty, discounts on chemicals and parts, SLA response times, a sluice room health check, water hardness and scale level checks (with recommendations), annual account review, annual periodic testing to NHS guidelines. Find out more…


  • Up to 15% discount on chemicals. 360° Chemical maximises efficiency – giving you regular deliveries of chemicals at a frequency to suit you: right amount, right time – based on usage forecasts. Get between 5% and 15% discount on your chemical order if you have a 360° Service contract. Find out more…


  • Save time and money on servicing and maintenance. DDC Dolphin is the only company able to service all makes and models of sluice machines, so you don’t have to call in different engineers for different machines. This ‘whole-of-market’ technical expertise and experience saves time (benefiting patients and residents), reduces call out charges and so lowers your repair bills. Find out more…


Our UK-wide network of service engineers implements Covid safety protocols to ensure your patients, clinicians, care home residents and carers remain safe and protected at all times during maintenance and inspection visits.


Engineers can carry out work in full hazmat suits – not just basic PPE – for maximum infection-control protection. They are used to working in hospitals that treat patients suffering from highly infectious tropical diseases – contagions that are far more deadly than coronavirus.


Find out more about how DDC Dolphin can help you:

  • Cost-Saving Ideas For Hospital Sluice Rooms. Read more…
  • Reduce The Cost Of Running Your Care Home With Reliable Sluice Room Consumables. Read more…

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5. Improve And Streamline Procurement, Reduce Administration Time And Costs


With 30 years’ experience, DDC Dolphin provides strategic, holistic turnkey solutions that meet your full infection-control requirements – not just for your sluice room, but for the entire estate in your healthcare trust or portfolio of care homes in your group.


One expert and specialist single-source supplier can:





Find out more about infection control for:


Planning a sluice room upgrade? Download BIM files of our Pulpmatic medical pulp macerators and Panamatic bedpan washer disinfectors.


Ask us about the 24.7% savings available for sluice room machines and other infection-control equipment

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6. Free Up Hospital Beds By Avoiding Additional Demands Created By Infection Outbreaks

HCAIs endanger patients and delay their discharge from hospital. This in turn impacts on other patients needing treatment. Waiting lists grow as wards are closed for deep cleaning.


Infection outbreaks disrupt the smooth running of hospitals and place added demands on staff – not just on frontline clinicians but also on administrative staff who have to rearrange appointments following the postponement of surgery and other procedures.


Waiting times are already growing due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. British Medical Association data for September 2015 to December 2021 puts the NHS waiting list at more than 6.00 million – compared with 4.43 million in February 2020.


The total number of patients waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment now stands at more than two million. Some 310,000 patients have been waiting for a year or longer.


HCAI outbreaks undermine all the work needed to reduce this backlog – work being carried out by beleaguered staff exhausted by the added pressure of coping with treating patients infected with Covid-19.


Read more – sluice room infection control during the Covid-19 pandemic

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7. Increase Time Available To Deliver Hands-On Care


Patient care and well-being is at the heart of every DDC Dolphin innovation. Specify advanced sluice room equipment that speeds up the safe and hygienic disposal of human waste.


Good infection control should not mean having to sacrifice time at the expense of other important aspects of patient engagement. It should not be a dilemma or a balancing act – not if you use the right technology: high-performance sluice machines that save time as well as money and the environment.


The less time your clinicians and carers have to spend operating macerators and bedpan washer disinfectors, the more time they can spend with patients and residents.


Find out more about infection-control solutions that give time back to care.

Read more, watch the 59-second video

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Carer and care home residents

8. Improve Staff Compliance With Infection-Control Best Practice


“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein.


Every machine in your sluice room should be easy to operate. Controls must be intuitive and internationally recognisable to avoid any confusion. Errors in health and social care environments can spread infection – so our machine designers have worked to eliminate them.


All the hands-free controls on our macerators are simple and hygienic:


Ensure all your staff implement infection-control best practice. Find out more here about Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses – keep up to date with the latest developments and technologies.


CPD courses can be delivered either virtually or on-site.

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9. Reduce The Risk Of Costly Medical Negligence Claims


Failure to deal with infections inevitably leads to costly medical negligence claims against NHS trusts.


Every year, Sepsis (the body’s extreme reaction to infection) claims 31,000 lives and costs NHS England around £2 billion per year. The government estimates that 11,000 lives and £160 million could be saved every year through better diagnosis and treatment.


But prevention is better than cure. Eliminate the infections that lead to sepsis by strengthening infection-control procedures. Defending claims and paying damages to litigants far exceeds the cost of investing in superior infection-control technology.


The amount paid out in NHS medical negligence claims in 2020/2021 fell by £120 million, according to NHS Resolution, the “arm's-length body” of the Department of Health and Social Care that helps the NHS to resolve disputes fairly. One of the factors cited for the fall was that “the process of investigating and resolving claims slowed somewhat during the pandemic.”


But the NHS has struggled to cope with infection control during the pandemic.


One-in-seven patients treated for Covid-19 between 1 August 2020 and 21 March 2021 caught it while being treated in hospital for something else. (Source: NHS England data).


Suspected Covid-19 outbreaks in UK hospitals doubled in the seven days to 16 December 2021 – from 33 to 66, (Guardian newspaper report, based on official data).


In May 2020, NHS England data revealed that 32,307 patients had probably or definitely contracted Covid while in hospital since March 2020 – 8,747 of them died.

Improve infection control in your sluice rooms

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Medics with trolley in corridor

10. Improve Environmental Performance, Meet NHS Green Targets


Four per cent of all UK greenhouse gas emissions are down to the NHS, significantly less than transport (27%), energy supply (21%) and business (17%) – but still a major cause for concern and action.


The NHS has committed to becoming the world’s first zero carbon national health service – net zero emissions by 2040 (with an 80% reduction by 2028-2032).


And the NHS Carbon Footprint Plus target cascades the requirement down through the supply chain. Suppliers must be net zero by 2045 (with an 80% reduction by 2036-2039).


Specify DDC Dolphin and Hygenex solutions to improve infection control and reduce your carbon footprint:



  • Panamatic bedpan washer disinfectors – advanced temperature control means minimal waste due to efficient use of power and water. View the range…



Contact us to discuss the most energy-efficient infection-control solutions for your hospitals and care homes

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