Panamatic XL2

Bedpan Washer Disinfector

The Panamatic XL2 bedpan washer provides you with a large washing chamber, ideal for high demand healthcare environments. Using thermal disinfection, the XL2 will clean up to 4 items in a 7-8 minute cycle.

Equipped with a simple to use interface, elbow buttons, a digital display and an on-board computer that monitors performance and carries out rolling diagnostics, it is one of the most advanced products of its type available.

Dispose Of Human Waste Safely, Hygienically, Effectively And Efficiently With DDC Dolphin.



  • Reduce cross contamination of infectious materials and minimise the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.
  • Large capacity model to suit high usage healthcare environments.
  • Incorporates the latest technological advances and able to achieve thermal disinfection levels in line with NHS periodic testing guidelines.
  • Extremely thorough wash performance, eliminating 99.99% of known bacteria.

* XL front loading machines are only available in the UK. Please see our range of Panamatic Top Loading machines




Large Capacity

Large capacity machine to suit high usage environments – can clean 2 urinals and 2 bedpans per cycle.

Rapid Wash Cycle

Rapid 7-8 minute washing disinfection cycle – eco-friendly and cost effective.

Hands-free Open & Close Technology

Optional hands-free open & close technology – using a foot pedal to open and elbow buttons to select the cycle, the XL2 minimises cross infection and provides ease of use.


Front-loading – for a simple loading and emptying process.

High-Grade Stainless Steel Casing

High-grade stainless steel casing – which is robust and long-lasting, not easily corroded, and easy to clean and maintain.

Unique multi-utensil racking design

Unique Multi-utensil Racking Design – extremely convenient with one rack to fit all standard bedpan sizes.

Rotating Wash Nozzles

Rotating wash nozzles and strategically sited spray jets – ensure a superior wash performance.

Empty Total System

Empty Total System – a special device for automatically emptying all of the water present at the end of each cycle from the water pump, water storage tank and pipes, ensuring a consistently hygienic and efficient system.

Advanced Computer Diagnostics

Advanced computer diagnostics – including inbuilt maintenance warning system.

Standard Electrical Supply

Standard electrical supply – so you can connect and go!

ISO Compliant

Complies with ISO 15883:2006 – which specifies general performance requirements for washer disinfectors.

Free Standing

Free Standing – which makes it easy to move and get up and running quickly.

Service & Maintenance

We understand that keeping your sluice room fully operational is vital to the successful operation of your hospital or care home, as well as being crucial in the fight against HCAIs.

That’s why we have a national team of specialist engineers to service, repair and maintain DDC Dolphin bedpan washers across the UK.

As part of our servicing and maintenance provision, we also offer validation testing of your appliances.

    With a DDC Dolphin Planned Preventative Maintenance contract, you will get:

    • Reduced risk of infection
    • Increased lifespan of your machines
    • Reduction in unplanned maintenance costs
    • Reduced downtime of your sluice room machines
    • Increased productivity
    • Reduced repair visits
    • Detailed maintenance records
    • Audit/CQC inspection transparency
    • 20% discount on all DDC Dolphin components.

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