DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipes


Easy Cleaning for Ultimate Infection Control

DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipes are timesaving, tough and ideal for use on hard surfaces where there is a high risk of infection.


High Specification, Combination Chemistry

Using a blend of two powerful compounds - Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) and Triamine – DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipes are saturated with a highly effective, broad-spectrum detergent.


Triamine tricks germs into ‘seeing’ a different molecule so they are less likely to build up resistance. Meanwhile, DDAC is an antiseptic disinfectant recommended for use in hospitals, hotels and industry.


Often applied in biocidal applications, it’s ideal for use in surgery, ophthalmology, paediatrics, occupational therapy and anywhere at risk of infection outbreaks.


Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes one

Use DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipes To..


Clean and disinfect patient-shared equipment ✔

Clean non-invasive medical devices before sterilisation ✔

Sanitise areas where risk of infection is high ✔


… and more.


Save Clinician Time for Where It's Needed Most


Using a DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipe is quick and easy. Just wipe and go, with no need for detergents, disinfectant sprays or multi-step processes.


Users are empowered to save time for critical tasks, while still being confident that their cleaning process is effective and efficient.


  • Clean more surfaces, quicker – leading to better infection control
  • No need to carry spray bottles of detergent and disinfectant
  • Less waste, due to targeted use with no spraying
  • No risk of aerosol particles of disinfectant being inhaled by users or others nearby.

Hospital corridor


Manufactured From Ultra-Reliable Tritex®


Tritex® is made from layers of spunbond and meltblown polypropylene fibres, bonded together in a high-heat process before a hydrophilic coating is applied.


It is:


  • Strong in both directions
  • Low linting, reducing the risk of leaving contaminated fibres on a surface
  • Wetness retaining, evenly through the wipe
  • Effective when transferring active wipe ingredients to surfaces, rather than keeping them trapped in wipe fibres.


Alcohol Free


Dermatologically Tested


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