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Stainless steel furniture is the hallmark of pristine surgical suites, and has raised the bar for what we expect to see in a safe, sanitary and sterile medical environment.

But surgical settings are not the only places which need to be kept sterile for patient safety – preventing the spread of dangerous pathogens in potentially unclean environments such as your sluice or dirty utility room is just as vital to the success of any infection control strategy. 

By equipping your sluice room with stainless steel fixtures and fittings, you can take care of infection control from the ground up.

All surfaces in a sluice room must be able to be thoroughly cleaned; or they could harbour bacteria and become the breeding ground for dangerous pathogens

The smooth surfaces and clean welds on stainless steel furniture mean that microbes can find very few places to hide; there are seldom any crevices where germs can become trapped and difficult to remove.

Similarly, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, allowing for strong cleaning agents to be used without risking degrading the metal.

Stainless Steel Slop Hopper

Hygenex Stainless Steel Sink

The quality of the material (and strength of cleaning agent that it can therefore withstand) is denoted by a numbering system:

  • We supply stainless steel furniture in the standard 304 grade of stainless steel which is appropriate for most medical settings.
  • Grade 316 is a higher quality material, however, which would be used where stronger cleaning agents are required. We can provide furniture at this grade on request.

All DDC Dolphin stainless steel furniture products are HTM 64 compliant and, where appropriate, comply with Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 63, 64 and Health Building Note (HBN) 00-10.

Our stainless steel range includes:

  • Sinks and basins
  • Base and wall units
  • Slop hoppers and janitorial units
  • Lever and sensor operated taps
  • Various accessories, including glove dispensers, soap dispensers and wall racks.

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