Incomatic - Incontinence Product Macerator

Tackling potentially embarrassing issues like incontinence quickly and effectively is important to maintaining high levels of care and the dignity of the patient or care home resident involved.

The DDC Dolphin Incomatic macerator presents a convenient and hygienic means of disposing of incontinence pads and nappies quickly and efficiently, giving your staff more time to care for their patients.

In a fast 2-minute cycle, specially designed cutting technology ensures incontinence products and nappies are shredded into fine particles and then discharged into the sewerage system.

A post-maceration disinfection option for the inside of the chamber is also available.

This means there’s no smell, mess or need to store anything, dramatically reducing the potential risk of infection.

Did You Know That DDC Dolphin Can Help Maintain Or Improve Your Facility’s CQC Rating?



  • Reduce cross contamination of infectious materials and minimise the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.
  • Versatile units can be used in various environments, be it a dirty utility room or a private patient room.
  • Reduce hospital budget spend with low operating costs and prevention of ward shutdowns due to infections.
  • Incontinence products are disposed of immediately and efficiently, meaning no mess and no smell.



Flexible Capacity

Flexible capacity – can dispose of 1 large or 2 small maceratable nappies or pads per cycle.

Rapid Wash Cycle

Rapid 120 second cycle speed – saving clinicians time.

Advanced Blade Technology

Advanced blade technology – shreds incontinence products into fine particles, ensuring all waste is eliminated.

Completely Hands-free

Completely hands-free, no touch operation – reducing the risk of infections spreading to clinicians and further patients.

High Quality Materials and Components

High quality materials and components – including antimicrobial coatings and smooth, crevice-free surfaces, reducing the presence of trapped harmful bacteria.

Antimicrobial Technology

Antimicrobial technology in lid coatings – stopping the growth of harmful bacteria in its tracks.


Compact and sleek design – allowing the machine to be incorporated into existing or new facilities.

Various Start Options

Various start options – to suit each facility’s requirements, ranging from self to auto start.

Audio Annunciation

Audio annunciation – helpful voice guidance available in any language, decreasing costly training requirements and reducing the number of staff errors.

Free-flowing Output of Waste

Continuous, free-flowing output of waste to drain – ensuring thorough removal of waste, no build-up of shredded products on the sides of pipes, and no blockages.

Automatic Drain Flush

Automatic drain flush – can be programmed during low use times to limit the build-up of stagnant water and remove the possibility of Legionnaires’ disease.

Pre- & Post-maceration Self-cleaning Flush

Pre- & post-maceration self-cleaning flush – to limit the residual build up within the waste pipe network and abolish blockages.

Service & Maintenance

We understand that keeping your sluice room fully operational is vital to the successful operation of your hospital or care home, as well as being crucial in the fight against HCAIs.

That’s why we have a national team of specialist engineers to service, repair and maintain DDC Dolphin incontinence macerators across the UK.

As part of our servicing and maintenance provision, we also offer validation testing of your appliances.

With a DDC Dolphin Planned Preventative Maintenance contract, you will get:

  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Increased lifespan of your machines
  • Reduction in unplanned maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime of your sluice room machines
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced repair visits
  • Detailed maintenance records
  • Audit/CQC inspection transparency
  • 20% discount on all DDC Dolphin components.

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