The Pulpmatic Eco+

A True Innovator in Infection Control

The culmination of more than 30 years' experience in sluice room product development, the Pulpmatic Eco+ is a market-leading medical pulp macerator which builds on DDC Dolphin's expansive knowledge of user and facility requirements to launch a new standard in infection control.

Free-Flowing Drainage

The Eco+ can process up to 4 large pulp items in just 85 seconds, using just 13 litres of water. Where a site has poor drainage provision, Eco+ can be configured at installation to run a longer 120-second, 26-litre cycle to ensure that macerated pulp always drains freely.

Fully Contactless Operation

The new Eco+ hand sensor is unaffected by light, does not require calibration and even has an adjustable detection range to suit requirements. Using the hand sensor or foot cup to open the lid, as well as the auto-start feature, ensures fully contactless operation to prevent cross-contamination.

Machine Heartbeat

You can always be confident that the Eco+ is functioning and ready, thanks to a prominent 'heartbeat' LED on the machine fascia.

Enhanced Anti-Microbial Protection

The Eco+ is constructed using advanced MicrobeSafe+ antimicrobial materials which prevent the growth of bacteria on its surfaces. By breaking down dangerous microbes on contact, the unit remains hygienically clean.

Internal Overflow & Blockage Alert

For enhanced infection control, the Eco+ features a 32mm internal overflow to eliminate the need for dedicated overflow plumbing. Meanwhile, a periodic overflow rinse will alert the user if a blockage is found.

Improved Cutting Performance

The average particle size of pulp macerated by the Eco+ is less than 3mm. Re-developed blades and a static ‘Turbulator’ on the drum will ensure that pulp is discouraged from spinning with the blades and ensures higher impact – leading to less blockages.

Clear User Interface

Clinicians will find the Eco+ easy and intuitive to use, thanks to a clear, 5-inch LCD antimicrobial screen, which guides the user through the status of a maceration cycle, correct items to load, cycle time remaining and, when required, error information. These visual instructions will transcend language barriers and prevent breakdowns through accidental misuse.

Futureproof Diagnostics

An enhanced control system ensures your macerator can be adapted to suit your specific requirements, while service engineers maintain quick access to the machine log, allowing them to assess the machine function and offer guidance to facility managers and users – helping to identify future faults that are caused by user error.

Click and Fit Detergent System

No more mess! Chemical bottles can be easily slotted into the front of the Eco+, without the need to juggle large containers. In addition, status updates when the chemical is running low will allow you to ensure that the machine always works at its optimum.

Those who care for vulnerable patients will be reassured that Click and Fit bottles lock into place when fitted, keeping chemicals out of harm’s way.

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