Air Purification Systems

The UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus are the perfect solution to eliminate odour and reduce harmful bacteria on hard surfaces.

The Technology

Completely automated and chemical free, the UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus draw in polluted air and treats it using UV light and photocatalytic oxidation. This results in the production of 3 powerful odour-fighting ingredients:

  • photoplasma – eliminates bacterium viruses, mould and microorganisms
  • ozone – a highly reactive and energised oxygen which disinfects the air
  • negative ions – increases the efficiency of the process, removing airborne impurities and dust.

Proven to destroy viruses such as influenza and coronavirus as well as E.coli, salmonella and similar bacteria, they are highly effective in removing unpleasant smells, killing bacteria that cause malodours, improving hygiene and leaving the room smelling fresh and clean.


The UVMATIC® is a wall mounted air purifier, recommended for use in sluice rooms washrooms and corridors. Even with the most vigorous and regular cleaning, odour can linger which can give the impression of poor hygiene standards. The UVMATIC helps to resolve persistant odour problems by destroying bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

UVMATIC Air Purification System


The UVMATIC®Plus is a portable industrial strength air purifier.  It is light and easy to carry. A built in timer can be programmed to disinfect either continuously or in ten minute increments.  Recommended for use in hospitals, care homes and hosptiality facilities around the world, the UVMATIC® Plus removes bacteria and odours from the air and surfaces. it can be used as and when required for one off-cleaning of a room or included in your daily cleaning programme.


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