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Hygienic Waste Disposal

Hygenex® Vacumatic® - 100% hygienic, efficient and odourless waste disposal, without the risks of conventional yellow bags.

Keeping your facility odour-free isn’t just about cleanliness. It’s about respect and dignity.

Providing a clean, fresh environment is your duty. It helps those in your care to thrive, while your clinical team can carry out their work with pride. Furthermore, you’ll make an excellent impression on every visitor, from family members to CQC inspectors.

Bad odour is nature’s alarm bell, letting you know that a vessel for bacteria is exposed. When managing waste, these smells are a stark warning of an infection risk.

Vacumatic assists your waste disposal process by sanitising and hermetically sealing dirty waste bags. This eliminates exposure to any potential viruses and bacteria, as well as destroying tell-tale odour at its source.

Care home residents and their families expect the highest quality of care.
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How does Vacumatic work? 

Vacumatic uses a high-quality medical filter to sterilise air from vacuumed disposal bags, completely removing bad odours and bacteria from the extruded air and condensing waste into tightly sealed packages.

Simply empty the waste into an airtight bag and Vacumatic will hermetically seal the contaminated material, ready for safe and easy disposal in the appropriate bin.

If your facility relies on single-use products such as pulp bedpans, bedpan liners, incontinence pads or nappies, Vacumatic allows you to dispose of waste quickly, easily and hygienically, even in areas where bedpan washer or pulp macerator use is not possible.

Vacumatic is:

  • Completely hands-free, reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Suitable for use in combination with all types of disposable bedpans, incontinence pads, nappies and other waste such as handtowels and tissues
  • Exceptionally economical, reducing waste volume by 50%
  • Extremely quiet, using a validated air valve fitted with a medical bacteria filter
  • A safe and efficient alternative to bedpan washers and macerators.

Why should I choose Vacumatic?

With Vacumatic, you can guarantee hygienic waste disposal, while facilitating a pleasant living and working environment. It can even save you money, too.

Just imagine your facility with:

  • no more bad smells from exposed waste
  • lower risk of infection
  • reduced clinician workload
  • more time for quality, hands-on care
  • improved efficiency of available resources, including staff.

All the while, vacuum-packed bags will reduce the overall volume of your waste, facilitating a reduction in the cost of waste collection and disposal.

The sturdy vacuum bags, which are 110-micron thick and have a patented safety structure, and are available as clear or tiger bags for clinical waste. They are 100% odourless, airtight with moisture wicking.

Vacumatic with tiger bag    tiger bags

Furthermore, sealing contaminated material airtight will reduce its volume by up to 50%, creating an opportunity to reduce your waste collection costs and shrink your carbon footprint, too. 



Vacuuming and airtight sealing for infection control

Vacuum-packing ensures that the storage and transportation of waste in your facility is completely safe, efficient and odour-free.

Odours, viruses and bacteria are filtered out and hermetically sealed by Vacumatic’s validated 0.2-micron bacteria filter, which guarantees that the air blown out during vacuuming is totally clean.

Vacumatic is the key to stress-free and hygienic waste management, which keeps your facility smelling fresh and feeling safe. 


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