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3 Packets of Hygenex Dry Wipes

2 Packets of Hygenex Wet Wipes

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Eco-Friendly Wet and Dry Wipes

Introducing an exciting UK first for DDC Dolphin: our brand-new range of eco-friendly personal hygiene and cleaning wipes – completely maceratable, flushable, dispersible, biodegradable and compostable!

Our range of wet and dry wipes provide healthcare professionals with a high-quality product made from 100% natural materials which will quickly break down into non toxic components which can be disposed of in bedpan washers, macerators, slop hoppers or toilets causing no harm to the environment – or your plumbing systems!

Soft yet strong, these cleaning wipes have been developed to deliver exceptional performance whilst offering outstanding environmentally friendly benefits. They are fully tested and compliant with EDANA and INDA standards of flushability.

Designed with all personal care and cleaning tasks in mind, they are ideal for use in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care.

Improve Environmental Performance and Meet NHS Green Targets With
DDC Dolphin.



Maceratable Icon

Can be disposed of in medical pulp macerators without causing machine blockages.

Water Dispersible Icon

Begin to disintegrate within a short period of time when placed in water.

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Can be flushed away directly into the drainage system without causing blockages.

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Completely break down and disperse into 100% organic matter.








Biodegradable Icon  100% Biodegradable.

Disinfectant Wipes x3






















Disinfectant Wipes

Easy Cleaning for Ultimate Infection Control

DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipes bring together a powerful disinfectant with advanced Tritex® material to produce a highly flexible and strong wipe with excellent solution retention, killing all major HCAI’s.

These disinfectant-impregnated wipes save users time and effort. Users can simply wipe a surface clean and move on to the next task.

For use where there is a high risk of infection these wipes ideal for disinfecting patient-shared equipment and for cleaning non-invasive medical devices before sterilisation. They are alcohol-free, PHMB-free and dermatologically tested.

Using a DDC Dolphin Disinfectant Wipe is quick and easy. Just wipe and go, with no need for detergents, disinfectant sprays or multi-step processes




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