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When there’s a breakout of infection at your facility, there can be severe consequences.

First and foremost, patients can find their health – and even life – at significant risk.

Those who contract HCAIs will require additional, more frequent and often more intensive care; this demand puts extra strain on clinicians who must perform additional tasks, when they are already time-poor.

HCAIs can affect the health of anyone who works at, or even visits, your hospital.

Bacteria doesn’t discriminate. As well as making your patients ill, staff can also fall victim to outbreaks, stretching your operational demands even further.

In turn, staff shortages could also compromise the care of your patients; a risk no medical facility should knowingly take.

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Your hospital’s infection control and prevention guidelines should involve complete sluice room diligence.

Supplying reliable macerators and bedpan washers will help you to dramatically reduce the risk of infection in your hospital, as well as keeping day-to-day operations under control – without the demands of additional, unplanned labour.

However, sudden machinery breakdowns can cause chaos; most prominently, the risk of infection is significantly increased while the machine’s use is substituted by less efficient human waste disposal methods. All the while, bedpan pile-ups and slower processes add extra pressure to clinicians.

Investing in the efficiency of your sluice room will save time, money and resources.

A maintenance package such as DDC Dolphin’s 360° Care Cover will provide ultimate peace of mind.

Alongside a brand new machine, you will have the advantage of our huge fleet of UK-based technicians, who are experts in all areas and brands of sluice room technology – all for a fixed monthly payment with no extra costs.

Routine servicing and emergency call-outs are all covered, to ensure you get the support you need, precisely when you need it – while your budget sticks to its forecast.

Increase your productivity, protect your patients and reduce your downtime – it’s all part of the package.

To learn more about how we can help facilities like yours, please take a look at our case studies.

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Case Studies

Addenbrookes Summary Image

Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals

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Part of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), Addenbrooke’s Hospital is a centre of excellence, providing expert care in a safe, clean, comfortable and friendly environment.


The Challenge

Back in 2007, DDC Dolphin supplied its first bedpan washer to Addenbrooke's Hospital and then explored further opportunities within the facility after the initial successful installation proved popular. Shortly after the initial machine was supplied DDC Dolphin started to discuss the ongoing maintenance of all sluice room and dirty utility room machinery at the CUH hospital site.


The Solution

DDC Dolphin was commissioned to carry out the service and maintenance work on all bedpan washers, before the contract was expanded to include macerators. The service and maintenance contract, now is its third year of a five year agreement, includes the quarterly testing and annual revalidation of all bedpan washers as well as weekly machine tests. DDC Dolphin keeps spare parts onsite in order to ensure fix rates, conducts quarterly breakdown and running reports and provides onsite machine training for ward staff and the mechanical team. DDC Dolphin has supplied several other bedpan washer and macerator units into the facility, including into the Accident & Emergency Department and the Trust's major trauma centre.


The Outcome

"DDC Dolphin has supplied and installed a number of bedpan washer and macerator solutions to Addenbrooke’s since 2007 and also provides a responsive and reliable maintenance and repair service. It is of the utmost importance to the smooth running of the machinery onsite that the units are regularly serviced and tested to ensure performance remains high. DDC Dolphin is contracted to carry out this work and continues to provide a first-class service".

Richard Borthwick, Mechanical Delivery Manager, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Dorset County House

Dorset County Hospital

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Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs Dorset County Hospital, an NHS district general hospital in the town of Dorchester, Dorset, England. With 500 beds the hospital is the hub of the district's inpatient facilities but community hospitals, formerly owned by the North and South West Dorset Primary Care Groups, are situated in the surrounding major towns and provide the 'spokes' to the central unit.


The Challenge

Dorset County Hospital had just completed a replacement regime whereby all of the existing machinery was replaced with DDC Dolphin’s Pulpmatic Ultimas, totalling 26 macerators. They now needed to ensure that all the machines were kept in working order with a robust maintenance plan. Dorset County Hospital is one of the few hospitals that benefits from having close proximity to DDC Dolphin as both a service provider and valued partner.


The Solution

DDC Dolphin created a service package specifically tailored to the needs of Dorset County Hospital with a 3 year planned preventative maintenance contract. This included staff training on the machines and their capabilities, plus training the hospital’s own engineers to recognise faults and easy fixes to ensure minimum down time. Close proximity to DDC Dolphin HQ is a bonus, but our ability to react quickly to any problems is greatly improved by our Metrix engineering service system which constantly revises the work schedules, ensuring the fastest response times for all service call outs. With all the benefits of a fully comprehensive maintenance plan with DDC, Dorset County Hospital can rest assured that it is in good hands.


The Outcome

”With the completion of our replacement regime of 26 Pulpmatic Ultimas and a 3 year maintenance contract in place we are confident that DDC Dolphin will continue to provide us with a premier service. Staff training and fast response times on all maintenance issues are key to reducing downtime which is essential in a busy hospital like this.”

Sean Miller, Estates Manager, Dorset County Hospital

Salisbury District Summary Image

Salisbury District Hospital

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Salisbury District Hospital is run by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and forms part of the government’s secondary healthcare structure providing high-quality healthcare with improved services, promoting efficient spending. It provides a wide range of clinical care which includes general, acute and emergency services to approximately 225,000 people across Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire.


The Challenge

At DDC Dolphin we are committed to continual engineering innovation, which is how we came to develop the environmentally friendly Pulpmatic Eco macerator, with the capability of modifying and reducing water consumption. Thanks to a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with Salisbury District Hospital, we approached them and offered to install the new model for research and testing purposes. They agreed and said they were happy to help and support us with the installation and testing of the new model.


The Solution

The machine performed extremely well with no reported blockages or faults despite the lower water consumption, and as a result of the successful trial, Salisbury District Hospital are taking the next step of ensuring that this new and improved model stays on site on a permanent basis.


The Outcome

“Our relationship with DDC Dolphin goes from strength to strength. We were glad to support DDC Dolphin with the commissioning and testing of the Pulpmatic Eco and we were all delighted with the outcome. We already have a number of their Pulpmatic macerators in the hospital which are supported and maintained by DDC Dolphin and will be adding the new model to our inventory.”

Geoff Walford, Estates Manager, FES Facilities Management

Southend University Summary Image

Southend University Hospital

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Southend University Hospital was founded in 1888 at the Southend Victoria Hospital site. The present hospital opened in 1932 and serves a catchment area with a population of approximately 350,000.The facility has been awarded 'Cancer Centre' status and gained Foundation Trust status under the name Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


The Challenge

The hospital provides a comprehensive and varied range of general medical and acute services across its site, meaning that the prevention of healthcare associated infection is one of the top priorities as the hospital continually strives to introduce new services to help patients recover faster and hopefully leave hospital sooner. The hospital's focus on patients, research, education and innovation meant that they required a sluice room partner with knowledge, experience and a core understanding of what the facility is trying to achieve.


The Solution

DDC Dolphin has been working with Southend University Hospital since 2005, when 43 Panamatic Optima 3 washer disinfectors were supplied and installed in their sluice rooms. Since then DDC Dolphin has carried out regular HTM revalidation, maintenance and servicing. DDC Dolphin's latest range of completely hands-free equipment was of particular interest to Southend University Hospital, especially the Pulpmatic Ultima macerators. A number of these machines have now been installed within the hospital and are proving to be a real asset in the fight against HCAI's.


The Outcome

"We are delighted to be working with DDC Dolphin for the supply and maintenance of our sluice room equipment. DDC Dolphin understands of the importance of fighting the transmission of HCAIs, and together with their completely hands-free, high-quality and comprehensive range of washer disinfectors and macerators, helps to support our commitment to infection control and patient wellbeing".

Jan China, Associate Director Estates & Facilities, Southend University Hospital

"DDC Dolphin's HTM testing, maintenance and service programme is second to none. All the hassle is taken out of the process by their quick, compliant response times, competent and professional engineers, and comprehensive spares stock held in their vans. DDC Dolphin also keep us completely up to date by preparing detailed reports on each machine's usage and condition. We look forward to working with DDC Dolphin for many years to come".

Steve Taylor, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Southend University Hospital

Eagle Ridge Hospital Summary Image

Eagle Ridge Hospital, Canada

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Fraser Health (FH) covers an area that stretches from Burnaby to White Rock to Hope/Boston Bar in Canada. Fraser Health serves 1.6 million people and is a major force in healthcare. More importantly, they are a community of 22,000 people who share a common goal: to ensure that every resident in the health authority has access to quality care when they need it. Their quality healthcare services range from acute care hospitals to community-based residential, home health, mental health and public health services.


The Challenge

For the past 10 years Eagle Ridge Hospital (ERH) had been using pulp macerators from another manufacturer which caused regular issues such as waste pipe blockages, floods and numerous failures created by the operator. DDC Dolphin were approached to investigate the situation and advise if their Pulpmatic macerators could offer them a trouble-free alternative which could ensure a more effective and efficient working environment.


The Solution

After a thorough consultation with Eagle Ridge Hospital, DDC Dolphin obtained a list of criteria which were critical to the success of the project. The DDC Dolphin engineering team in the UK then created bespoke solutions which would overcome the existing barriers and provide a permanent solution for the hospital.


The Outcome

“DDC Dolphin had a very good approach to accommodate our needs and were able to provide us with macerators configured to prevent the majority of the failures we had been experiencing with blockages and floods. They also offered additional features to help avoid operator errors. After installing the trial units, both the users and the maintenance staff have been very pleased with their smooth operation which has been failure-free and with no impact on either operational or maintenance staff.

We have used DDC Dolphin Uno and DDC Dolphin Ultima models. Their technology is very efficient and user-friendly and we are highly recommending both models.”

Stefan Manea, Technical Coordinator, Fraser Health Authority, Canada

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