Helping Nurses To Fulfil Their Roles

As a passionate nurse, your priority is to spend as much time with patients as possible. Auxiliary tasks are of critical importance, but you don’t want them to impact on quality of bedside care, where your time really counts.

In order for patients to receive the highest level of support, sluice/dirty utility room solutions must be efficient, and allow you to use your time as you see most beneficial.

Quick, simple and effective processes underpin a successful infection control strategy. DDC Dolphin macerators and washer disinfectors have fast cycle times (1–3 min), allowing you to manage bedpan sanitation and human waste disposal needs swiftly.

Try DDC Dolphin’s advanced infection control equipment for free in your hospital wards.


DDC Dolphin working with Hospitals Staff

DDC Dolphin working with Hospital Nursing Staff

In addition, DDC Dolphin machinery is reliable, with excellent maintenance packages available to maximise uptime.

This diligent aftercare means you can get back to normal quickly, in the rare event of a breakdown.

We understand that seeing patients become ill from preventable HCAIs is disheartening to your efforts; robust infection control procedures are therefore essential to keep patients safe and recovering well. Using macerators and washer disinfectors to dispose of human waste will control and prevent infection in your facility, as well as avoiding the perils of manual methods such as hand-washing.

Microbial coatings, hands-free technology and disinfectant dosing will help to uphold your everyday infection control procedures, while waste goes straight into the sewerage system – with no unnecessary exposure.

It’s not just your patients who are affected by the impact of HCAIs. They can also put you and your colleagues at personal risk.

The distress of being ill and missing work can be profound, while covering colleagues who have become ill will put additional stress and strain on day-to-day operations.

Macerators and bedpan washers will reduce contact with waste, and thus the risk associated with it - allowing your ward to work to full efficiency.

DDC Dolphin will make sure you have the most appropriate sluice room solution to help you take better care of your patients.

DDC Dolphin working with Nurses