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As an NHS Preferred Supplier, you can purchase your sluice room technology from DDC Dolphin with confidence. Why take a risk with an unapproved brand, when we can offer complete peace of mind?

Our product range supports a wealth of environments, to suit the individual needs of your facility.

Varying capacities ensure that your choice of product can keep up with day-to-day footfall, as well as making efficient use of space with front and top-loading machines. We can even supply bespoke noise reduction packages, so your patients aren’t disturbed by macerator or washer disinfector use.

DDC Dolphin working with Hospital Procurement Teams

DDC Dolphin Design and Planning for Hospitals

From the design and planning stages, right through to purchasing and aftercare, we can provide the full spectrum of support for those wishing to upgrade or build a new sluice room.

We’ll ensure that you stay compliant with relevant legislation, as well as protecting the budget and reputation of your trust; reducing the risk of catastrophic infection outbreaks, as well as allowing clinicians to work to maximum efficiency, is all part of the package.

In addition, we’re also an NHS preferred supplier for the service, maintenance and validation of medical pulp macerators and bedpan washer disinfectors in the UK; not just for DDC Dolphin machines, but for every make and model.

Properly maintained sluice room facilities will work at optimum efficiency, ensuring that patients and clinicians are protected against the harmful spores and microbes which cause major HCAI outbreaks.

Make sure your whole trust is protected.

Preventing downtime is the hallmark of a reliable service and maintenance contract, with machines that are regularly maintained benefitting from a far longer service life. When you use DDC Dolphin for this service, our expert technicians will even attend to discontinued items, which are no longer covered by their own manufacturer.

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Care & Maintenance

DDC Dolphin’s Care & Maintenance packages could save your trust from infection outbreaks and unplanned repair costs.

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