How The New Panamatic Midi Bedpan Washer Creates A Safer Sluice Room Environment

New Panamatic Midi: superior infection prevention and control… 25% more capacity making it 33% more energy and water efficient than previous models... easier operation and cleaning.

There is never room for compromise when it comes to infection prevention and control in care homes and hospitals. No health or social care professionals should ever be forced to choose between sluice machine performance and operating costs.

That is why DDC Dolphin’s new Panamatic Midi bedpan washer disinfectors now offer even better infection control benefits – and a reduction in energy consumption per cycle. Based on a full load, the new Panamatic Midi’s enhanced capacity makes it 32.83% more energy-efficient and 33.27% more water-efficient than the previous model. So you can wash more bedpans for the same energy and water consumption as before. This saves you money, makes your budgets stretch further, and reduces your carbon footprint.

No compromise. Instead, you benefit from a series of technical improvements that make the new Midi:

  • even better at cleaning and disinfecting bedpans – killing or denaturing dangerous pathogens
  • able to deal with more bedpans in each cycle – thanks to a 25% increase in capacity
  • even easier and safer to operate and keep clean – ensuring maximum effectiveness, efficiency and uptime.


Why new Panamatic Midi bedpan washers are quicker, safer and easier to use

The 25% increase in capacity means fewer trips to the sluice room. That means you and your team can spend more time delivering hands-on care.

New Panamatic Midi can now accommodate two pans and two bottles in a single seven-minute cycle, bringing its capacity closer to that of our Optima 2 bedpan washer disinfectors (which can handle up to four items – including large bowls – in an eight-minute cycle).

The Panamatic Midi now has a much greater antimicrobial touch area – 2.5 times larger than on previous models. The Midi’s lid and front panel contain Polygiene silver ion antimicrobial powder which reduces the growth of Campylobacter, E.coli, Listeria, MRSA, Pseudomonas and Salmonella by up to 99.99%. It is tested to ISO 22196:2011.

And updated display symbols for ‘in cycle’ and ‘cycle complete’ make new Midi easier and more intuitive to operate.

Why new Panamatic Midi is easier to keep clean – and why that matters

Hands-free operation, wherever possible, has always been an important technical feature of DDC Dolphin sluice machines – be they bedpan washer disinfectors or medical pulp macerators.

Using a foot cup to open and close the lid minimises human touch, reducing the risk of spreading infections. But now the new Panamatic Midi has gone a step further…

The new Midi features an ultrasonic foot sensor instead of a foot cup. This matters because it removes the risk of a potential dirt trap. And stainless steel side panels cover the rear water tank – making the Midi even smarter and tougher than its predecessor, and even simpler to keep clean.

Easier cleaning enhances infection control practices – ensuring greater safety for care home residents, hospital patients, clinicians and carers. Faster cleaning means spending less time with a machine and more time with those in your care.

And we think you’ll agree that the new Midi looks rather splendid with its brilliant blue top and silver front panel. So you’ll want to keep it looking nice – after all, a well serviced Panamatic will be extremely reliable so it’ll be in your sluice room for a very long time.


Who benefits from the new Panamatic Midi? How and why?

Everything you’ve read so far should give you plenty of food for thought. Care workers and nurses will be able to use better equipment that will help them to provide better care for their residents and patients – that’s obvious.

But there’s more to it than that. There’s a long list of health and social care professionals who are likely to be interested in the new Panamatic Midi for a wide range of reasons…

  • Care home owners, operators and managers can see the immediate infection control benefits and the reduction in energy consumption, operating costs and carbon footprint.
  • Infection control teams will be reassured by the new Midi’s improved antimicrobial credentials, its elimination of potential dirt traps and ease of cleaning.
  • Procurement managers will enjoy the lower operating costs – and the fact that they’ll be getting more for their infection control budget.
  • Facility managers will also like the fact that DDC Dolphin’s detailed monthly asset reports make it easy to keep tabs on machines’ age, condition and servicing schedules/requirements – all of which can be viewed at-a-glance on a secure online portal.
  • Regulatory compliance officers will find the new Midi will make their job easier by enhancing infection prevention and control practices at the establishments for which they are responsible. It will help compliance officers to solve the safety vs cost efficiency dilemma they can sometimes face in their challenging role. And it will help to make it easier for care home and hospital sluice rooms to pass Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections. Owners, trusts, managers, staff and end users can take comfort from this too.
  • Healthcare consultants – who provide guidance on best practices, strategies and solutions – will no doubt also take a keen interest in the sluice room infection control benefits the new Midi offers all concerned. Its increased capacity makes it suitable for a wider range of establishments – this is a boon for consultants having to manage the diverse needs of different healthcare facilities.
  • Biomedical engineers will be keen to see how the new Midi’s design features are a step up compared with existing bedpan washer disinfectors. One of their challenges is balancing  the need for equipment longevity and technological upgrades: the robust and advanced new Midi gives them both.


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