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How To Save Nearly A Quarter On The Cost Of Sluice Room Machinery

Ensuring that your infection control procedures are more robust than ever is a staple of post-pandemic life. Thankfully, upgrading to market-leading sluice room machinery is now more economical than ever, too.

Care homes and hospitals can currently save 24.7% when they invest in sluice machines and other capital equipment.

If your facility is considering an upgrade their current sluice room solution, there’s never been a better time to buy.


How Does The Saving Work?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget is enabling companies to claim 130% in capital allowances on qualifying plant and machinery.

This means that every pound invested saves up to 25p in corporation tax.

In real terms, companies spending £3,000 on qualifying capital equipment can claim back £3,900 in capital allowances. Based on the current 19% rate of corporation tax, that is a saving of £741.

Macerator and Washer Disinfector mix

This allowance makes medical pulp macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors and other sluice room equipment hundreds and thousands of pounds cheaper. Now, imagine the difference that machinery could make to your life-saving infection control precautions.

What Kind Of Capital Equipment Could You Invest In?

Your sluice room has a critical part to play in keeping your patients and clinicians safe from infection. As human waste is a vector for dangerous pathogens such as E. coli, clostridium difficile and even coronavirus, safe disposal is absolutely essential.

DDC Dolphin are world-class infection control experts, with a host of solutions to suit your needs and revolutionise your infection control strategy.

Medical Pulp Macerators

Pulpmatic Ultima being loaded

Designed to pulverise and dispose of both single-use medical pulp containers and human waste, DDC Dolphin’s range of Pulpmatic bedpan macerators are the sluice room equipment of choice for thousands of healthcare facilities around the world. 

A fast and safe human waste disposal solution, Pulpmatic macerators deliver impressive passive safety measures such as hands-free operation and antimicrobial surfaces to ensure that sluice room infection risks are reliably mitigated.

Bedpan Washer Disinfectors

Panamatic Mini with bedpans loaded

Designed to empty, wash and disinfect reusable human waste containers such as bedpans, commode pots and urine bottles, DDC Dolphin’s Panamatic range of hands-free bedpan washer disinfectors incorporate the most advanced infection control technology. 

Every Panamatic machine is made from a minimum grade 304 stainless steel, with patented antimicrobial surfaces, to help minimise cross infection and dramatically reduce the possibility of microbial growth.

The NHS has even named DDC Dolphin the preferred supplier of bedpan washer servicing, maintenance and validation requirements – so you can be confident of a full, 360° service.

Air Purification Systems


The UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus Air Purification Systems are engineered to eliminate odour and reduce harmful bacteria on hard surfaces.

Completely automated and chemical free, the machine draws in polluted air and treats it using UV light and photocatalytic oxidation. Proven to destroy airborne pathogens such as influenza, E. coli and salmonella, UVMATIC® technology is also highly effective in removing unpleasant smells, by killing the bacteria that cause malodours.

Contact Our Experts

DDC Dolphin understand that all capital equipment investments require careful planning and execution. We can assist you with your sluice room design requirements, product selection, maintenance and more.  

To find out more about our market-leading infection control solutions and benefit from the current corporation tax saving on capital equipment, get in touch now.

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