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Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus With Infection Control Solutions From DDC Dolphin


COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered strain of coronavirus. Its highly infectious nature is putting immense strain on our global infrastructure, with medical facilities amongst the hardest hit.

All hospitals, care homes and healthcare providers are working extremely hard to stem transmission of the virus amongst those in their care - as well as making every effort to protect staff.


Coughing isn't the only way that Coronavirus is transmitted.

Coronavirus is primarily passed on by airborne droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, but this isn’t the only way in which the virus can spread.

Research has identified the presence of live COVID-19 virus in the waste of infected patients, leading to all secretions (except sweat) to be regarded as potentially infectious[1]. This makes the correct management of human waste more important than ever.

Hand washing is a critical task throughout patient care and your patients (as well as any visitors) should be well-informed as to how to do this properly.

Our handwashing infographic is a helpful way to get this message across.


Your sluice room plays a critical role in the prevention and control of Coronavirus.

Disposing of human waste in the safest possible way will help you to ensure that outbreaks of infection are safely managed and contained.

A sluice room which is well-equipped to control coronavirus should include:

  • Machinery with motion-sensor or hands-free technology to reduce contact and cross-contamination
  • The correct consumables to keep these machines running smoothly and destroy pathogens
  • A strategy to combat airborne bacteria
  • A focus on single-use pulp products, where possible
  • Antimicrobial coatings to prevent the spread of pathogens on hard surfaces.


DDC Dolphin can help to ensure that your sluice room has the most appropriate machinery and consumables to protect your patients and clinicians.

Pulpmatic Eco+ Macerator

Featuring enhanced chemical dosing, powerful antimicrobial surfaces and fully hands-free operation, our pioneering pulp macerator is a sluice room’s strongest defence against the spread of infection.

Discover more about the Pulpmatic Eco+

UVMATIC Air Purification System

Completely automated and chemical free, UVMATIC draws in polluted air and treats it using UV light, thus resolving persistent odour problems and destroying bacteria in the air and on hard surfaces.

Discover more about UVMATIC

Hygenex Consumables

Hygenex consumable products have been carefully formulated to complement our range of sluice room machinery. Not only do they aid in the effective disposal of waste and help to prevent the spread of infection, but they also assist your machines to perform at their best.

Discover more about Hygenex Consumables 

Pulpmatic Ultima


The maintenance of sluice room machinery is more important now than ever.

There’s never a good time to endure the risk of machinery that has broken down or is functionally poorly. During a pandemic, however, these hazards are magnified to catastrophic proportions.

Don’t be tempted to cut back on your scheduled maintenance visits. They’re essential to keep your sluice room machinery working at optimum level to protect your patients from infection.

Our technicians take significant precautions, including temperature monitoring and appropriate PPE, to ensure that visiting your premises will not present an additional infection control risk. The danger of not keeping up with essential sluice room maintenance is far higher.

DDC Dolphin engineer working on machine5


Protect your patients and clinicians from Coronavirus at every angle with a sluice room maintenance package.

DDC Dolphin can service, maintain and repair all makes and models of sluice room machinery.

We’re proud to offer a range of care and maintenance packages to suit every facility, allowing you to provide the effective sluice room solution that your patients and clinicians deserve.

360° Care

360° Care is an all-encompassing package, providing everything you need from the sluice room machine itself, through to testing to NHS periodic testing guidelines, and regular service and maintenance visits.

Discover more about 360° Care here.

360° Service

Routine servicing will keep your sluice room machinery in excellent operational health. With 360° Service, you’ll benefit from maximised uptime, fault prevention, improved budget management, lifetime value and increased infection control.

Discover more about 360° Service.

360° Chemical

Arranging regular deliveries of the right chemicals for your sluice room machinery needn’t be hard work. Our 360° Chemical offering has been designed to make sure you have sufficient chemicals for your facility’s requirements, delivered at a frequency to suit you.

Discover more about 360° Chemical.


DDC Dolphin is here to help you provide the best sluice room solutions to protect your patients and clinicians from infection.



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