Sourcing Sluice Room Equipment Safely During Covid-19 Lockdown

How To Overcome Your Impossible Dilemmas

You urgently need new or replacement medical pulp macerators or bedpan washers. Now more than ever because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your vulnerable hospital patients or care home residents would be at extreme risk if exposed to the coronavirus. But you are facing two impossible dilemmas:

  • How can the equipment be installed safely? The very service engineers you need to install the macerators and washers could themselves be an infection risk; they will have visited other care homes or hospitals.
  • How can you afford new capital equipment when the economy (and your own commercial situation) may be severely impacted by impending recession?

There is a solution. A whole range of solutions in fact. And they can be tailored to suit your specific needs…

Do Not Delay: You Can’t Afford Not To Act

The consequences of deadly coronavirus entering any clinical environment are too horrific to contemplate. But that is precisely what has happened to Britain’s care homes.

By mid-May, more than 11,600 people had died in care homes from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. Vulnerable elderly residents and the selfless employees who care for them continue to die in this global tragedy.

Lockdown may be easing across the UK but the danger is still all too extreme for those living and working on the frontline of health and social care.

Spread The Cost At This Difficult Time

You urgently need new sluice room machines. We can help you to spread the cost:

  • fixed price packages with no hidden costs – low monthly payments over five years
  • save money by cutting out the middlemen – deal directly with the manufacturer
  • avoid unplanned costs – regular servicing catches potential problems before they occur
  • free site survey before you take out your contract.

These 360° Care & Hospital packages will give you:

  • a brand new sluice room machine – with the very latest hands-free technology and anti-microbial surfaces for optimum infection-control and peace of mind
  • five years’ parts and labour warranty
  • service and maintenance visits over five years
  • chemical dosing systems, lockable cabinet and chemical supplies
  • full installation, commissioning, carriage and safe packaging
  • pre-installation site survey and sluice room health check
  • starter pack of bedpans and urinal bottles
  • wall storage rack.

360° Care & Hospital is available for medical pulp macerators and bedpan washers. Choose from three levels of service: Lite, Essential and Ultimate.


Covid-Safe Installations And Servicing By Engineers In Full PPE Hazmat Suits

Our expert safety engineers can go in with far more protection than the basic PPE masks, gloves and aprons. They are not limited by NHS budgets and over-stretched supply chains.

Instead, our teams are equipped with vastly superior equipment, including full hazmat suits for maximum protection from infection. And they are fully trained in the very latest infection-prevention and decontamination protocols.

DDC Dolphin engineers have worked at the highest levels, installing sluice room machines at the Nightingale Hospital, Cardiff – one of the government’s key frontline field hospitals in the battle against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

NHS hospitals may have run low on vital PPE but DDC Dolphin did not. For decades, we have always maintained a very large and regularly updated stock of PPE.

That is because we are used to dealing with hospitals that treat patients suffering from highly infectious tropical diseases – contagions that are far more deadly than coronavirus.

So our engineers can operate in full hazmat under the most demanding infection-control regimes. You can be reassured that their infection-prevention procedures are cutting-edge.

And they will be happy to share their expertise with you to help you upgrade your equipment and enhance your protocols.

Get Expert Advice On Infection Control

Find out more about upgrading your sluice room to help keep your hospital patients and care home residents safe from the Coivid-19 coronavirus.

DDC Dolphin is a world-class provider of infection control solutions to the healthcare and social care sectors. 

Contact DDC Dolphin for expert technical advice on the:

  • best infection control solutions for your sluice rooms
  • most affordable ways to fund your new medical pulp macerators and bedpan washers
  • safest ways to get your sluice room equipment installed, maintained and serviced
  • correct sluice room procedures to help you pass your next CQC inspection.

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