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Which Disinfectant Wipes Do Hospitals Use?


In healthcare, every decision counts.

From major judgements regarding clinical pathways and discharge plans, right down to the purchase of cleaning and hygiene products, all choices have the potential to impact on patient outcomes.

Ultimately, no decision in a hospital environment – however small it appears – is trivial. When it comes to cleaning and disinfection equipment, it’s imperative to make the right selection. 

Inadequate cleaning methods can result in HCAI outbreaks that could kill. It’s essential that infection control procedures include products that are both powerful enough to destroy dangerous pathogens, and convenient enough to be used effectively by busy clinicians, to ensure optimum results. 


This is where the advantages of disinfectant wipes come to the fore.

Ideal for hard surfaces where risk of contamination is high, disinfectant wipes provide an efficient and effective defence against infection, requiring minimal effort to produce dependable results. 

However, not all wipes provide equal benefits. When deciding which product to use in your wards and treatment areas, it’s vital to consider if it that item is truly suitable for the complex and often unique needs of a hospital environment.


Which disinfectant wipes are powerful enough to kill HCAIs?

To trust a wipe to destroy dangerous pathogens, it must be a biocidal product, strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses. 

Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes do exactly that.

Using a blend of two powerful compounds - Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) and Triamine – Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes are saturated with a highly effective, broad-spectrum detergent.

Triamine tricks germs into ‘seeing’ a different molecule so they are less likely to build up resistance. Meanwhile, DDAC is an antiseptic disinfectant often used in hospitals for biocidal applications. It’s considered essential for cleaning vital departments such as surgical suites, ophthalmology and paediatrics.

Due to their sophisticated composition, Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes are ideal for:

•    Cleaning and disinfecting patient-shared equipment 
•    Cleaning non-invasive medical devices before sterilisation 
•    Sanitising areas where risk of infection is high.


Hospital corridor


Which disinfectant wipes are most convenient for hospital staff?

Clinicians have extremely high workloads with no time to spare. Therefore, if a powerful product can be used quickly and easily with excellent results, it will always be of preference.

Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes are a single product which can replace multi-step processes, allowing clinicians to keep infection control standards high, while also saving time for the most important patient care tasks.

When using a Hygenex Disinfectant Wipe, clinicians have an all-in-one alternative using individual detergents and disinfectant sprays, allowing them to:

•    Clean more surfaces, quicker – leading to better infection control
•    Prevent the need to carry spray bottles of detergent and disinfectant
•    Produce less waste, due to targeted use with no spraying
•    Eliminate the risk of aerosol particles of disinfectant being inhaled by users or others nearby.


Which disinfectant wipes are made with the quality required for hospitals?

Healthcare products must be reliable and well-made in order to reduce risk. 

Items that fail during use can slow processes, frustrate users and ultimately expose them to unnecessary dangers; in the case of a cleaning wipe, the primary hazard would be if an item wasn’t effectively sanitised due to the product’s breakdown. 
Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes are manufactured from ultra-reliable Tritex®.

Tritex® is made from layers of spunbond and meltblown polypropylene fibres, bonded together in a high-heat process before a hydrophilic coating is applied.

It is:

•    Strong in both directions
•    Low linting, reducing the risk of leaving contaminated fibres on a surface
•    Wetness retaining, evenly through the wipe
•    Effective when transferring active wipe ingredients to surfaces, rather than keeping them trapped in wipe fibres.

Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes are also alcohol-free, PHMB-free and dermatologically tested, so you can be confident that they are kind to skin.








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