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Winter Infection Control: Prepare Now With DDC Dolphin

With the threat of COVID-19 pressing on, the winter months are a chilling prospect for hospitals and care homes alike.

The traditional ‘cold and flu’ season – where extra pressure on medical facilities is always to be expected – is an even bigger danger while in the grip of a pandemic.

Can hospitals cope with the additional influx of patients?

Will care homes be able to manage the needs of their residents if staff fall ill?

Could vulnerable people in either setting be exposed to new, unprecedented risks?

The UK government is introducing additional financial support to help hospitals and care homes provide the best possible infection control measures during the winter months.

117 Trusts will be allocated a share of £300 million to upgrade A&E facilities, allowing them to treat the public efficiently, while still adhering to stringent hygiene standards.

In addition, an extension to the infection control fund issued in May 2020 will allow care providers to increase protection against the challenges ahead, with an extra £546 million set to be distributed.

Now is the time to invest in additional infection control precautions – but how should the money be spent?

Infection control technology is constantly evolving. Facilities should consider, therefore, if their current infection control solution could be expanded or upgraded to accommodate imminent additional pressure.

Even when asymptomatic, those carrying the COVID-19 virus can still shed the bacterium in their waste. As a result, it’s never been more important to address the infection control measures within sluice rooms and prevent the spread of aerosolised pathogens.  

DDC Dolphin have designed, engineered, and continually developed sluice room machinery for the past 30 years and are proud to offer some of the most advanced infection control technology available today.


Ecoplus slim


The Pulpmatic Eco+ Macerator

For facilities using single-use pulp products to manage human waste, the Pulpmatic Eco+ offers an exceptional disposal solution, alongside innovative infection control benefits, including:

  • A graphical user interface which provides animated operation instructions, cycle status information, as well as fault resolution guidance.
  • MicrobeSafe+ antimicrobial technology in polymer surfaces, featuring a powerful antimicrobial and antifungal additive which stops the growth of harmful bacteria in its tracks.
  • Completely hands-free operation to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Click & Fit chemical system with an easy load chemical cartridge system for improved antimicrobial kill rate efficacy.


Panamatic Optima2 with bedpans and commodes loaded


The Panamatic Optima 2 Bedpan Washer Disinfector

For many care facilities, re-usable bedpans are the best solution to suit their individual needs.

In order to keep patients and residents safe from the risk of infection, an extremely reliable bedpan washer disinfector is required – and that’s where DDC Dolphin’s Panamatic range of machines come to the fore.

For example, the Panamatic Optima 2 is a top-loading bedpan washer which offers the following benefits, plus many more:

  • Large capacity to suit high usage environments, with the ability to clean up to 2 bedpans and 2 urinals per cycle.
  • Hands-free open and close technology, using a foot cup or infrared sensor to minimise cross infection and provide ease of use.
  • Antimicrobial surfaces to minimise cross infection and reduce the possibility of microbial growth.
  • Cold and hot wash cycles for an extra thorough cleaning process prior to thermal disinfection.
  • Optional programmable audio in your own language to ensure correct and proper use by staff.




UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus UV Air Purification

An innovative addition to the sluice room and elsewhere, the UVMATIC® and UVMATIC® Plus are the perfect solution to eliminate odour and reduce harmful bacteria on hard surfaces.

Using powerful UV technology to cleanse the air, the UVMATIC range of air purification units will:

  • Destroy viruses such as influenza as well as E. coli, salmonella, and similar bacteria.
  • Provide 24-hour protection with minimal input from staff.
  • Protect the environment, reducing the need for harsh chemical solutions to control bad odours and airborne pathogens.
  • Incur minimal running costs, similar to a low energy light bulb.


Maintenance slim


Never forget your maintenance

Your sluice room machines are powerful, but they require maintenance in order to protect you as well as they possibly can.

Our 360° Care packages will not only help you to avoid unplanned costs, but they will also help you to mitigate breakdowns by catching problems before they develop, as well as preventing any unexpected downtime and lengthening the service life of your machine.

The cost of the machine is included in your finance plan, as is:

  • A personal account manager to advise you on the best and most cost-effective solution for your requirements.
  • Access to an unparalleled network of highly qualified technicians.
  • Rapid response callouts with 24-72 hour SLAs, depending on your chosen level of service.
  • Expert training for all staff who will use your machine.
  • Direct communication with the manufacturer of your equipment.

Don’t delay. Contact DDC Dolphin today and make sure you are fully equipped for winter’s challenges.

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