Arab Health 2023: DDC Dolphin's Sustainable Infection Control Solutions

World-class infection control specialist DDC Dolphin will be showcasing its latest energy-saving equipment and sustainable solutions at the Arab Health 2023 exhibition in Dubai.

Arab Health (30 January 2023 to 2 February 2023) is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Middle East. Last year’s event attracted 80,577 healthcare professionals from 184 countries.

DDC Dolphin attends Arab Health annually as a member of the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI). This time DDC Dolphin will be exhibiting its:

DDC Dolphin Marketing and Product Innovation Director Zoe Allen said: “As a major exporter of infection control solutions to the world’s health and social care providers, we recognise the ever-growing importance of the rapidly expanding Middle East healthcare sector.

“Every year, Arab Health presents us with fantastic opportunities to help this important region further promote excellence and sustainability in advanced infection control procedures – safeguarding patients, clinicians and the vulnerable,” she added.

ABHI Managing Director, International, Paul Benton said: “The UK brand is incredibly well respected in the Middle East. Arab Health represents a prime opportunity for UK HealthTech innovators to connect with procurement professionals from across the region and beyond to support patient care. 

“We are proud to once again be hosting an outstanding line-up of some of the industry’s finest players, providing them with a platform to showcase how their technologies and innovations can help tackle some of the biggest challenges in modern healthcare.”

DDC Dolphin recently moved to a newly-built sustainable HQ. Its new 2,177 sq m (23,433 sq ft) Dorset head office and technical facility is 2.6 times the size of its predecessor.

The new building features solar panels and other sustainable technology to help hospital trusts, care and nursing homes to hit their carbon emission targets. The NHS has committed to reaching net zero by the year:

  • 2040 for its directly controlled emissions
  • 2045 for the emissions it influences through its supply chain.

DDC Dolphin’s new Poole office and manufacturing facility includes:

  • Nearly 300 sq m of rooftop solar panels – generating 61.56 kilowatts of power at peak output.
  • Lower levels of air permeability – saving energy by reducing the need for heating. Actual consumption of heating, cooling and lighting energy are all below notional levels.
  • Motion-controlled lighting to reduce energy use.
  • Showers for cyclists to encourage active travel to work.

DDC Dolphin is a global leader in the provision of infection control equipment for hospitals and care homes. It exports machines and consumables all over the world.

The company manufactures and supplies medical pulp macerators, incontinence product macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors, UV air purifiers, stainless steel furniture, sluice room consumables.

DDC Dolphin is one of only three companies in the world specialising in the manufacture of medical pulp macerators. The machines’ hands-free technology makes it safer to dispose of human waste.

The company also provides a full asset management service to help healthcare and social care authorities to:

  • Extend the operational life of their equipment through planned preventative maintenance. PPM is more cost-effective than unexpected one-off repairs. PPM ensures greater machine reliability, resulting in safer infection control procedures.
  • Enhance asset replacement programmes to plan better for the more efficient and cost-effective replacement of end-of-life machines. Services include the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of old equipment.
  • Audit infection control equipment and sluice room requirements, upgrading older machines with the latest, most energy-efficient technology (saving power and water, reducing bills and carbon emissions).
  • Provide staff training to improve efficiencies and extend equipment life.

For more information, please contact DDC Dolphin.

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