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30 Years of Infection Control Excellence & Innovation


2021 marks DDC Dolphin’s 30th year of providing excellence and innovation in the infection control market.

From industry-leading sluice room equipment to unmatched service and maintenance provisions, we are immensely proud of how many facilities have vastly improved their infection control standards with the help of DDC Dolphin.

Since our inception in the UK in 1991, we can now be found in over 5000 facilities in 50 countries on 6 continents – all while maintaining the same quick, efficient, and personal service levels of a local supplier.

Panamatic Optima2

Early Innovations That Grow and Grow

In 1992, our Panamatic range of bedpan washer disinfectors were launched. These much-needed machines helped to significantly reduce healthcare associated infections by eliminating the need to wash re-usable bedpans and other sluice room utensils by hand.

This technology has continued to evolve, with the current Panamatic Optima 2 showcasing the advancements of bedpan washers and their ongoing value in healthcare facilities – particularly care homes.

In 1998, we proceeded to launch our first macerator – the Incomatic, designed specifically for incontinence pads. Continuously developing over the years, the latest Incomatic remains a staple of countless sluice rooms around the world.

By 2007, we developed our Pulpmatic range of macerators. With our profound knowledge in this area, we were able to further apply this expertise in 2020, with the launch of the Pulpmatic Eco+ - the most environmentally friendly, economical and hygienic macerator on the market.

Macerator hands-free opening in action

All-Encompassing Care

Providing support to our customers and increasing the lifespan of their products has long been a hallmark of DDC Dolphin. This led us to offer comprehensive machine servicing and maintenance packages from 2001.

From 2006, we were also able to offer a HTM 2030 testing service for hospitals, further improving value for our key customers. The reliability and success of these services later lead to us to become the NHS preferred supplier for service, maintenance, and validation of all brands of bedpan washer disinfectors in the UK.

We have long continued to modernise alongside the needs of our customers. So much so, DDC Dolphin are currently the only company to service all makes and models of sluice machines using our own direct-employed engineers, as well as providing a 24hr – 72hr national response.

DDC Dolphin engineer working on machine

Reaching New Ground

The Pulpmatic Eco+ isn’t the only example of our experience covering new ground in recent months and years. In 2019, we developed the UVMATIC Air Purification System to assist hospitals and care homes with eliminating odour and reducing harmful airborne bacteria.

We continue to innovate by introducing products featuring previously unseen benefits. In 2020, we presented Hygenex Wet and Dry Wipes - the UK's first range of eco-friendly personal hygiene and cleaning wipes that are 100% maceratable, flushable, dispersible, biodegradable and compostable.

Soon after, the Hygenex® Recoat® Antimicrobial Coating System was launched – a revolutionary antimicrobial spray that has been scientifically proven to protect against major HCAIs including E. Coli, MRSA, Staph aureus and SARS-CoV-2.

Maceratable Wipes

Striving for a Safer Future

At DDC Dolphin, we continue to stand at the pinnacle of infection control innovation by continuously learning from our customers, their needs and the evolution of the technology around us.

We would like to thank everyone who has joined us on our journey over the past 30 years and continue to look to the years ahead with excitement!


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