DDC Dolphin's New Wider Range Of Hygenex Infection Control Wipes

Infection control specialist DDC Dolphin has launched a new range of time-saving Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes for use on hard surfaces. And the company’s existing biodegradable wipes for patient use are now larger for superior cleansing.

The tough new Disinfectant Wipes use a high-specification combination chemistry, blending two compounds – Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) and Triamine – to create a highly effective broad spectrum disinfectant.

DDAC is recommended for use in hospitals, hotels and industry. It is used in surgery, ophthalmology, paediatrics and occupational therapy. Triamine tricks germs into ‘seeing’ a different molecule so they are less likely to build up resistance.

The disinfectant-impregnated wipes will save users time and effort. Users will be able to simply wipe a surface clean and move on to the next task. They won’t have to spray disinfectant and then wipe so:

  • users can clean more surfaces faster – leading to better infection control
  • users will no longer have to carry around spray bottles of disinfectant
  • the disinfectant goes where it is intended, there is no spraying so there is less wastage
  • there will be no aerosol particles of disinfectant that could be breathed in by the users or others nearby. 

The new wipes will be for use where there is a high risk of infection. They are ideal for disinfecting patient-shared equipment and for cleaning non-invasive medical devices before sterilisation. The wipes are alcohol-free, PHMB-free and are dermatologically tested.

They are manufactured from Tritex® – layers of spunbond and meltblown polypropylene fibres bonded together in a high-heat process before a hydrophilic coating is applied.

Tritex® is strong in both directions with very low linting, reducing the risk of leaving contaminated fibres on a surface. It retains wetness evenly through the wipe. Active wipe ingredients are transferred to the surface, rather than being trapped in the wipe fibres.

DDC Dolphin Marketing and Product Innovation Director Zoe Allen said: “The new Disinfectant Wipes are manufactured to the high clinical standards required by hospitals and care homes but they’re also suitable for a wide range of other establishments.

“The wipes’ high performance and competitive price point make them an attractive choice for a broad spectrum of organisations in both the public and private sectors.”

Hygenex Disinfectant Wipes are available in 200-wipe flow wraps. 

Meanwhile, DDC Dolphin has rebranded its Hygenex flushable and maceratable patient wipes and made them larger than before. There are also now more wet wipes per pack:

  • Hygenex Eco-Friendly Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes are 200 x 160 mm (30/pack) – previously 200 x 151 mm (24/pack)
  • Hygenex Eco-Friendly Patient Dry Wipes are 270 x 260 mm (previously 270 x 250 mm), 75/pack.

Both the wet and dry Eco-Friendly wipes are fully compostable. They were launched in February 2020 as the UK’s first 100% organic and fully biodegradable hygiene wipes that can be flushed, macerated or composted without harming the planet.

Unlike other wipes which are claimed to be biodegradable (but in reality are not), the Hygenex wipes break down into 100% non-toxic organic matter – leaving no microplastics in the environment.

Both the dry and wet Eco-Friendly wipes have passed all seven tests for the EDANA and INDA flushability standards. They offer market-leading strength and performance. They are suitable for use on all areas of the body, for all skin types and ages from newborn to elderly.

DDC Dolphin is a global leader in the manufacture of infection control equipment for frontline health and social care.

DDC Dolphin has three decades of experience providing a full range of infection control solutions to hospitals, care homes, sheltered accommodation and domiciliary care.

For more information, please contact DDC Dolphin Marketing and Product Innovation Director Zoe Allen, 01202 731555.

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