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Buying A New Pulp Macerator - Check Out Our Maintenance FAQs

Single-use pulp products provide a clean, cost-effective and sustainable solution to your human waste disposal needs. With pulp macerators forming an essential part of the process, it’s natural to have some questions regarding the long-term upkeep of your machine.

When it comes to the tools that you rely on every day, maintenance is an integral part of long-term, reliable service. Boilers, cars, your sluice room machinery… they all require regular care in order to maximise reliability and do their job well.

Your pulp macerator will no doubt underpin your healthcare facility’s infection control procedure, so careful consideration of maintenance is a must. To help you make the best choices in this regard, here’s some of the most frequently asked questions.

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1. Are there budget consumables that I can purchase?

Your macerator requires disinfectant in order to safely dispose of waste, and keep the inside of the machine sanitary. Although it’s natural to want to buy consumable products which fit your budget, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of buying the cheapest on the market.

When you use a cleaning agent which is made specifically to suit your machine, you’ll do more than ensure bedpans are cleaned; you’ll be contributing to its reliable, long-term maintenance. It might not be the cheapest product, but it will almost certainly be the best.

If you’re concerned about paying a little extra, remember that cheap consumables often offer very poor economy after the initial cost. Many require double the volume to achieve the same effect as a genuine product; similarly, they could contribute to long-term maintenance problems which can be very costly indeed.

In short, it’s not worth the risk.


2. How can I be confident that my machine is working properly, without calling out a technician to check?

Although a qualified maintenance technician should be your first port of call to diagnose any issues, you can often spot tell-tale signs of potential problems yourself.

Make sure you assign staff members who are responsible for testing machinery, and clearly document their findings. Is the machine taking longer than usual to complete its cycle? Is the unit making a strange noise? Is there any material or soil left inside the machine after the cycle is complete?


If so, it’s time to a call a maintenance technician before the problem gets worse. It’s also extremely advisable to invest in a maintenance contract, such as 360° Care Cover. This will equip you with scheduled servicing, for a low, monthly payment; unexpected breakdowns are therefore mitigated, as well as unexpected costs.


3. The macerator is making a strange noise. Can I fix this myself?

When it comes to repairing critical machinery in-house (using often rudimentary knowledge), the risks far outweigh the benefits. Taking your macerator apart could invalidate its warranty, as well as causing further damage.

Furthermore, it’s difficult for anyone other than a professional to confirm that your macerator is adequately repaired and working to full operational standard. With your facility’s management of HCAIs at stake, don’t take a chance on your machine’s efficiency; always make sure that your machine is repaired and maintained by a specially-trained technician.

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4. Our ward is very busy. Is there any harm in extra items being put inside the macerator now and again, to save time?

Yes. You should NEVER overfill your macerator.

The machine is designed to handle a specific number of pulp items (for example, four large or six small items of pulp in the Pulpmatic Ultima). Filling with additional items – even once – could block the machine and result in unwanted downtime; which is far more inconvenient than waiting a minute or two for a cycle to end, before adding your additional pulp.

If you want to make sure that your staff understand how to safely operate a macerator, DDC Dolphin can provide a handy training course to prevent misuse.


5. Crisis alert! Our macerator is broken, and we need it back up and running, fast. How long will this take?

If you’ve chosen to protect your macerator with a 360° Service contract from DDC Dolphin, it won’t take long at all.

Our fleet of technicians are strategically placed throughout the country, offering the best coverage in the UK; this allows us to reach you precisely when you need us, and secure the uptime that you need.

Similarly, our technicians are experts in all brands of sluice room machinery – so, no matter what kind of macerator issue you’re dealing with, we’re best placed to get you back up and running.

The health of your sluice room is reliant on good macerator maintenance. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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