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Ecoplus slim

Pulpmatic Eco+ Medical Pulp Macerators

Pulpmatic Eco+ is the most environmentally friendly, economical and hygienic medical macerator on the market. 

Its enhanced chemical dosing, powerful antimicrobial surfaces and fully hands-free operation will help stop the spread of infections on your wards. 

Eco+ is ideal for medium-capacity wards, processing up to four items of medical pulp per cycle. Its advanced five-blade macerator disc provides rapid, low-noise, finer maceration in a cycle lasting from just 85 seconds.

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vacumatic slim

Vacumatic – 100% Hygienic Waste Disposal

New mobile VACUMATIC enables carers to vacuum-seal and compact waste quickly, easily and safely:

  • lowering infection risks, stopping bad odours
  • reducing workloads, improving efficiency
  • enabling more time for hands-on care
  • cutting waste disposal costs by compacting bags.

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UVMATIC and UVMATIC Plus UV Air Purifiers

UVMATIC and portable UVMATIC Plus draw in polluted air, destroying viruses (such as influenza), bacteria (including E.coli, salmonella) and mould.

These powerful air purifiers combine three technologies:

  • photoplasma – eliminates bacteria, viruses, mould and other microorganisms
  • ozone – a highly reactive and energised oxygen which cleanses the air
  • negative ions – increasing the efficiency of the process, removing airborne impurities and dust.

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