UVMATIC® Plus Portable

Air Purification System

UVMATIC® Plus – the portable, industrial-strength air purifier from DDC Dolphin. It is light and easy to carry. A built-in timer can be programmed to disinfect either continuously or in 10-minute increments.

Using UV and ozone technology, the UVMATIC® Plus provides a natural solution to the problem of drug- and chemical-resistant micro-organisms. It destroys viruses such as influenza as well as E.coli, salmonella and similar bacteria.

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Recommended for hospitals, care homes and hospitality facilities around the world, the UVMATIC® Plus removes bacteria and odours in the air and on surfaces. It eradicates viruses, bacteria, mould and volatile organic compounds.  This technology doesn’t merely filter out the bacteria – it actually destroys them.



  • Portable and easy to transport throughout a healthcare facility
  • Creates a clean environment by removing odour-causing airborne and surface bacteria
  • More effective than chemical alternatives
  • Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungus and mould in the air and on surfaces
  • Very cost effective and inexpensive to run
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing the need for harsh chemical solutions to control bad odours


UVMATIC Plus Graphic

The Technology

The UVMATIC® Plus draws in polluted air containing dust and impurities and treats it using UV light and photocatalytic oxidation. As air is drawn into the UVMATIC® Plus it is channelled into the air purification chamber where it is treated by UV light. The UV light reacts with the gaseous contents of the air to produce a purifying plasma containing reactive oxygen species which destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, mould, algae and other harmful micro-organisms as well as unpleasant odours. This results in the production of three odour-fighting and bacteria-destroying ingredients:

  • photoplasma – eliminates bacteria, viruses, mould and microorganisms
  • ozone – a highly reactive and energised oxygen which disinfects the air
  • negative ions – increases the efficiency of the process, removing airborne impurities and dust.

The technology is proven to kill environmental bacteria and viruses that cause infection and malodours. It increases hygiene and leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. 


Replacement of UV lamps and fan check are just a couple of points checked on the annual service to ensure optimal performance.

Economic Value

The UVMATIC® Plus is powered by two specialist high quality, low energy, 16 watt UV lamps. Each lamp provides 9,000 hours of worry-free air cleansing without the need for chemicals.

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